No Interest In Love by Cassie Mae

For my very first *real* blog post, I just can’t help but want to share my review for a book by one of my favourite authors of all time, Ms. Cassie Mae.  Unfortunately for all of you, No Interest In Love doesn’t come out until December, but you can add it to your Goodreads or Pre-order it from Amazon when I have you convinced!!

No Interest In LoveReaders of Emma Chase are sure to fall for bestselling author Cassie Mae’s All About Love series! In No Interest in Love, Hollywood’s hottest young actor hits the road to chase his big break—and discovers a leading lady where he least expected.
When Jace Carver snags a minor part in his buddy’s zombie flick, he suddenly starts getting noticed all over the place. Even Hollywood megastar Carletta Ocean—known for her extensive “research” with her male co-stars—wants Jace for her new rom-com. The role could be a game-changer . . . if Jace nails the audition.

As Jace’s agent, Shaylene Kwak is all business, and isn’t about to let her favorite client blow this opportunity. Since their college years, Shay has been immune to Jace’s charm and rock-hard body. But long hours in close company have a way of wearing down even the best defenses, and when their platonic teasing turns into serious flirting, Jace and Shay are no longer able to resist what’s been right in front of them the entire time.

Shay knows Jace’s love-’em-and-leave-’em history with women. She’s not about to be just another notch in his belt. And it’s true, Jace has never wanted more than a one-night stand—until now. But at the end of the line, he’s got a choice: sleep with Carletta and seal the deal, or risk his career for a shot at true love with Shay.

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My Review:

4.5 stars — Beta read an earlier copy of this book, but so thoroughly enjoyed it I just finished reading the ARC I kindly received from the author!!

OMGosh, this book was a study in hilarity and patience. I LOVED reading this one from Jace’s POV — his internal thoughts were so entertaining. And there was so much more to him than just the cocky, arrogant playboy. It’s not that he doesn’t have those qualities, but somehow Ms. Mae makes them endearing instead of insufferable. Not only that, but she also gave him a vulnerable side. I swear, Cassie Mae is the queen of writing characters who are real and 3 dimensional. Jace was given such depth, and learning about the struggles he endures just made me love him all the harder. And you could actually see him change throughout the book…going through a metamorphosis at the hands of Shay.

And while this book is entirely from Jace’s POV, I did love what we learned about Shay through his eyes. She was so feisty and strong, but with her own insecurities and doubts. She was unlike any other heroine I’ve ever read, and I adored how she and Jace bantered and fought with each other. And their chemistry just fit them to a tee, perfectly blending with the relationship that they already had.

And can I just take a moment to say that the last line gave me literal goosebumps?? I LOVE it when a book does that for me.

As a Cassie Mae mega-fan, this book was a no brainer for me. If this is your first of hers, you won’t be disappointed. Her writing has a beautiful mix of epic humour and heart, and this book is no exception.