The Bo(d)y Next door by Denise Malone

So, I’m a blogger now!  I figure I better take a page outta Lenore’s book (so to speak) and put more than just my review. How embarrasing would that be to not have all the info for y’all? You should all thank her for keeping me from landing on my face.  🙂 So, without further ado….

This is the debut book for Denise Malone. I think she did a great job.  Pretty original cover no?

Here is the book synopsis:

The Bo(d)y Nest DoorAll single girl Alison Brown really needs is to spend a week on the beach with her best friend, Frankie.
But instead of margaritas and sunscreen, she gets a murder next door and death threats.
Now, she’s involved in a police investigation while trying to save her own neck and get the heck out of Dodge. And to top it all off, the hot new neighbor, Poindexter “Dex” Jones, is determined to keep her safe and maybe get her into bed.
The question is, what’s more dangerous: the killer or Dex trying to steal her heart?

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Rating: 3.5 stars

This is one of my challenge books. A book that is a mystery and appropriate for 18+ due to violence. And let me tell you I had no idea whodunit! It kept me guessing throughout. This book is a decent size at just over 250 pages. It was a good debut and I will definitely be reading the next one. I enjoyed the authors straightforward writing. There was no fluff in this book, no side story to bulk up the word count.

Alison: Honestly, I felt a bit of a disconnect with the MC. There was nothing wrong with her. On the contrary, she was smart, not afraid of confrontation and had a great disposition. It has to be me. I just wasn’t feeling her that much.

Dex: I love him! He was confident and protective but not cocky or arrogant. He also had a vulnerablity about him I found endearing. And he was a gentleman through and through.

I enjoyed their easy back and forth banter. Nice American Pickers reference. I watch that show sometimes too! On the whole this story had a great plot and kept me interested. I would recomend this book to others.

favorite quotes:

“You look beautiful, Sugar.”
“I’ve been meaning to ask you,” I said.
“Why do you call me Sugar?”
“Because the first time I met you, you came down the stairs with a sparkle in your eyes. It reminded me of light shining on sugar….and because you’re sweet,” he replied.

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