Straight Up (The Brazen Boys Series #6)

straight up


“Straight” small-town boy Benny has a secret: he is miserably in love with his punk roommate and childhood best friend Trent. When Benny goes on a date with the town’s “sure thing” girl, his night is wrecked by the ever-flamboyant Charlie, who doesn’t seem to buy that Benny is just another straight boy. Love, longing, and secrets torment Benny, and when a night of drunken partying goes too far, his crush on Trent might become more than just a fantasy …

***Contains: M/M sexuality and adult language

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This was his best one yet! I know I say that with every one but they just keep getting better and better. So look, I am a huge M/M romance fan so if you aren’t into that, you should probably scroll on by. This is a stand alone M/M romance novella running a little over 100 pages. It was awesome! Benny (MC) is in the closet and secretly in love with his best straight friend (Trent) from school. Oh, and they are roommates. Intriguing no? I am no that into spoilers but it had some violence in it and the part where Trent is sleeping on the couch was pretty interesting.

He went deep with this one. Benny’s seemed afraid/upset that others wouldn’t except him as he is. His writing is so good you don’t think you are reading a novella. It’s like, there was so much meaning in every word, but, sheesh I can’t explain it. I enjoyed it a lot.

Benny: He is stuck in a situation that can never be changed. Stagnant almost. He’s gay, the object of his affection isn’t. I don’t think he liked himself much in the beginning. He was afraid to make that first move and be with a male unless they initiated it first.

Trent: He was like a teenager more than a man in his mentality. Always looking for the next party or some tail, unconcerned with anything unless it involved sex. He left Benny in the lurch more than once and quite frankly seemed incredibly self-centered. Honestly, I didn’t care for him at all until the end.

Now Charlie was the ‘town’ gay. The people in the town are close minded for the most part and don’t take kindly to that sort of thing. He didn’t care. He wasn’t running away from anything and didn’t care what people thought, but something was missing in his life as well. Not love or sex. A new beginning I think. A place to grow. He was my favorite.

I will always read the next one and definitely recommend these to other M/M lovers!

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