Every Wrong Reason by Rachel Higginson

Happy release day to one of my all time favourite authors!!!  This is another heart-breaker, and so beautifully written.


unnamedFirst comes love.

Then comes marriage.

Then comes the… really nasty divorce.

Kate Carter thought she married her soul mate. She thought she had her happily ever after. But seven years into Kate’s marriage, she realizes that her husband Nick is not what she wanted. He’s selfish, he’s oblivious and he doesn’t love her anymore.

Maybe she doesn’t love him anymore either.

Divorce is the only option if either of them wants to find happiness.

Kate and Nick thought they knew what they wanted, but neither is prepared for the heartache that separating will bring them. The journey they embark on is not the freedom they wished for, but a painful look at the people they’ve become.

At the end of it, Kate has to decide if this is really the life she wants or if maybe there’s a way to salvage her broken heart.

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Order it on Amazon: http://amzn.to/1KLjEIj

My Review:
4.5 stars — Another beautiful beta read!!

This book is soooooo hard to review. I seriously spent a lot of time thinking about it after I finished the book, which is a sign of a book that really captured you. It had the usual beautiful prose of Ms. Higginson, so if you’re a fan of her writing style, you will definitely appreciate that.

In the end the book may have been just a bit too real for me. I ended up talking about it with my husband, and about the lead character Kate, and how unbelievably stubborn she could be. And some other things I can’t mention in this review without ruining the story…and his answer was simply “so it was real then.” And that is exactly it. This story was heartbreaking in so many ways. To watch a character go through something this traumatic and life-changing… Well, it definitely doesn’t always bring out the best in us, does it? And it didn’t always in Kate either. And I guess in the end I grew frustrated with her. In so many ways you could see her grow and learn from her past and her mistakes, but she would stubbornly hold on to some misconceptions that just drove me nuts. But real people do that, don’t they? Sometimes it’s so easy as a reader to see how all the pieces are coming together, but in real life we’re clouded by our past and preconceptions. Tricky stuff….

And while Ms. Higginson’s usual humour and snark is in this book, I did find myself wanting a bit more (though that may change before the final version). But it’s a difficult subject matter, and I guess (again) real life isn’t always afforded those moments of levity.

I really can’t say much more, b/c I want people to go into this book with fresh eyes, not knowing what’s going to happen. I can guarantee that I was kept on my toes right until the end. It had it’s usual cast of secondary characters, most notably Kate’s best friend Kara (who often brought forth those moments of levity). The parents were also an interesting pair — more complicated than we usually see in stories.

In some ways I almost found this story more heartbreaking than Five Stages….just b/c the heartbreak was due to the actions of people, not an outside force (such as death). And it was a slow subtle heartbreak. So I guess what I’m saying is prepare to have your heart broken, prepare to be moved, prepare to be frustrated, and prepare for a book that will make you think.