Igniting Spirit by Regan Claire

TOMORROW!!! TOMORROW!!! It’s out tomorrow!!! Happy early release day to Regan Claire!

26817845Della Deare spent most of her life unable to rely on anyone but herself. Until she discovered a family she never knew and a destiny she never expected.
Now, her cousin is in danger and Della will do anything she can to save him, even if that means betraying everything she’s been taught. She knows the Clades — her enemies — are the only people who can help, but they want something from her first — Protection.

There’s a different evil afoot, larger than anyone had anticipated, and to stop it the Clades and Elfennol need to band together. Della must rely on old enemies, new friends, and the dark power that Ezra has inherited before his father unleashes destruction on our world.

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My Review:
4.5 — a thrilling beta reading experience!! At one point I was even IN the story….and I’m not going to expand so it sounds even more thrilling than it was.

Wow. A perfect wrap up to this series, this book was full of everything you loved from the first two books and more — amazing action scenes, hilarious snark, and beautiful imagery. Not to mention the adorable love story that was sometimes more of a background piece to everything else going on…subtle, yet always there.

Della is everything I want in a kick ass heroine. She’s awkward, snarky, somewhat damaged but with so much potential lurking in her depths (if that makes any sense). She goes through so much is this series, and you can really see her growing and coming into the person she’s meant to be. Especially in this final book. And everything about it feels so natural and realistic…like you can see how the events of her life have shaped her.

Even her relationship with Ezra is natural. They start as friends in TE, and grow into so much more throughout this book. The romance is subtle in some ways, but I can appreciate that. It’s like their relationship is based on more than just romance — there’s all the “magical” stuff that brings them together too, and becomes a driving part of the story.

As I’ve said before, Ms. Claire writes action scenes like no other. The world she creates is complex and imaginative, and I really felt like I could imagine myself there (though I didn’t always want to). She also writes gut wrenching scenes like no other, causing some snotty crying.

Now it’s just a matter of how I’m going to survive until Ms. Claire gives us some more…whether it’s in this world, or another!!