Scorched Treachery (Imdalind 3) by Rebecca Ethington

Scorched TreacherySynopsis: While Joclyn is trapped in the tormenting hell of Cail’s mind, the battle around her only continues to grow and spread.
Edmund has infiltrated the underground hallways of Prague, guiding the massacre that would end the lives of the last of the great magical race. In her attempts to stop him, Wynifred has been captured and her magic restrained. Chained up in the ancient dungeons of Prague, her fate is left in the hands of her father, who has tried to kill her before.
With Ryland’s screams and Sain’s fragmented sights as her only company, Wyn must rely on something that has been hidden deep inside of her for centuries to help them break free.
Ilyan’s whole life has been building up to one purpose. Protect the Silnỳ. He knows what he must do, and he has no doubt in his ability to do so.
But when his father’s magic removes Joclyn’s mind from her body, he is left protecting the shell of the one person he loves. Desperate to find a way to break her free of her prison, he makes a choice. And that one choice changes everything.
Now, Ilyan finds himself bound to Joclyn in a way that he never knew to be possible.
They say that blood is thicker than water, but Black Water burns, and Ilyan’s heart may not be strong enough to keep it pumping through his veins and give the girl he loves back into his brother’s care.
Even if he can, it may not be safe to do so.

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3 Stars

I gotta say right off the bat that I was disappointed and I feel like this book could have been a companion novella to the series and it wasn’t needed. I mean, most of it was a recap from the other characters POV’s.  Pretty much the whole book up until the last 15 percent so I was really upset about that honestly.  The second book left on such a cliffhanger that I was all ready to jump in and find out what happens. There are a few aspects in the book that we, as readers, needed to know but I don’t feel it required an entire book in this series.

I didn’t really like Wyn to be honest, she wasn’t a side character that I really bonded with and enjoyed.  Sometimes the side characters really make the story for me but I didn’t get her. This book did clear a little bit of back story up plus her magic is pretty kickass, so there’s that.

I think that I would have liked to have saw Talons’ role more prominent in the book or even Thomas’ role just to get a better understanding since it had alternate POV’s, it focused mainly on Wyn and Ilyan. Ilyan’s character was pretty deeply ingrained in the second book, I didn’t need the extra. I already had a really good understanding and a bond with him as a character. I feel like Thomas and Talons characters with regard to Wyn could have added more to make it a better rounded novel cause we don’t really see a lot of Joclyn in this like at all.

Favorite Quote:

Desperation, it was a feeling I had rarely felt in my long life.  I had never really been hopeless enough to feel it.  I was always the one in control, powerful and resilient.  I laughed at battle and found joy in an impending death.  With Joclyn’s injured body in my arms, though, I only felt desperation.

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  1. sounds like another pov made book, now i have to say that with the covers I have seen around on these series it makes me wonder what those pages have inside

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