Coercion parts 1-3 (Montana Dragons) by Chloe Cole

montana dragonsSynopsis: When Willa Stone is cast aside by the alpha-wolf she’s been promised to since birth, she’s humiliated and angry, but also secretly relieved. Now, maybe she’ll have the chance to mate for love. If her power-crazed parents will just give her a little time, she’s sure to find the man of her dreams…

Dragon-shifter, Drake Blackbourne, has an itch to scratch and precious few options for an outlet. When the Stone family offers up their daughter’s hand in exchange for protection and political favors, he agrees to wed her, sight unseen. Drastic times call for drastic measures and, so long as she does her part and keeps out of his way the rest of the time, surely he can manage to bed her, no matter how plain she might be.

What he doesn’t expect is that captivating, defiant Willa will ignite a fire in him that will burn everything in its path, and turn both of their worlds upside down…

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Average star rating, 2

The first book was okay, it did enough for me to want to read the next one.  It had some great action scenes and I liked how she was willful and brave.  Unfortunately, it went downhill from there.  It was like she had no control over her sex drive and just couldn’t resist his advances.  It reminded me of someone who has Stockholm Syndrome.

It was immature and inconsistent. They fell in love in a week.  It promoted the whole, “If he is mean to you he likes you” and I’m not in to that kind of thing.  It had some beauty and the beast tones to it. I like the idea of a re-telling with a dragon and wolf shifter though, that was pretty original to me.

It was more about the sexual attraction than the emotional or mental attraction and sometimes they are done tastefully but I felt this one came up short for me.

If you like that kind of stuff, this here is the book for you.  I love shifter stories but I just didn’t like this one.

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