Love and Decay Volume 2 (Episodes 7-12, Season One) by Rachel Higginson

Finally finished rereading season one of Love and Decay, so here’s my review of Volume 2, and then the individual episodes 7-12.

19167968Zombies- as if that wasn’t enough to ruin any girl’s dream of a happily ever after.

A lot has changed for Reagan in the few months since she stumbled upon the Parker family. She has given up her isolated vagabond lifestyle and along with her best friend Haley, made a permanent home with the brothers and their sweet, little sister.

More specifically, Reagan has fallen in love with Hendrix Parker, a man just as consumed with loving and protecting her.

Their love is tested time and time again as their lives are continually threatened and put in danger, Zombies lurk around every dilapidated corner and an uncertain risk follows them across state lines.

While the undead haunt their newfound happiness, Matthias Allen and his obsessive son Kane remind Reagan and friends that Zombies aren’t the only evil lurking in this new apocalyptic world. Kane is on a mission to make Reagan his and take her back to The Colony, where his father reigns as a tyrannical overlord and Kane is second in command.

While Tyler and Miller Allen adjust to life with the Parkers, Reagan and Haley after their own escape from The Colony, the group decides to set up camp at a safe settlement that offers them refuge.

But is anything truly safe at the end of the world?

Soon they are surrounded by Zombies trying to eat them, an enemy settlement trying to rip them apart and the internal, every day struggles of trying to live together at the end of the world.

No matter the cost, Reagan refuses to give up Hendrix, Haley and the others that she has come to love so fiercely. She will fight any enemy, against any evil; she will do anything to keep her freedom and the people that have become her life and everything she lives for safe.

Love and Decay, Volume Two, is a compilation of the last six episodes in a twelve episode season. This volume includes a bonus episode from Hendrix Parker’s point of view. It is a Dystopian Romance Novella Series about Zombies, the end of the world and finding someone to share it with.

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My Review:
4.5 stars — A solid second half to the first season. Lots of twists and turns, awesome action, a bit more depth for the Allen family story, and the most AMAZING romance moments. I like the idea of these serials that seem to be popular now, but just like my tv watching, I have very little patience so I like the netflix way of binge watching…or in this case, waiting for a volume of episodes and then reading them all in a row. It requires me to wait longer between volumes (then just 2 weeks between episodes), but then I can just DEVOUR IT! So if you’re like me, I HIGHLY recommend buying these volumes. They let you enjoy the serials, without going crazy waiting for more….well, until the end of the volume.

And the great part about this volume??? It includes a novella of Hendrix’s POV (around the episode 1 timeline). Talk about an epic bonus!!!

Episode 7:
5 stars — I LOVED the little bit of fun and normalcy that the girls were able to achieve to lighten up the start of this episode…at the same time, the contrast to their daily lives made it all the more poignant. Starting to fall in love with Tyler…it was nice to see a bit more depth to her in this episode.

And the action…dear lord almighty, this one was hard on my heart. It was kind of interesting to see Reagan’s observations of the bigger city, and the differences from where they are usually traveling.

LOVING the Hendrix and Reagan togetherness bits. Yup, so totally satisfied with that.

Episode 8:
4.5 stars — I was really starting to get curious about Tyler’s story, so I think her POV came at just the right time. And her story seriously broke my heart…. To have to watch your own Father systematically become horrifically evil…ugh, no words. And I’m in love with Logan too….:( Seriously, it was the perfect background to explain a bit more of who Tyler is, and why she behaves the way she does.

As usual, had some HILARIOUS little bits, mostly with Reagan and then Harrison and King. I seriously love those boys. And while I knew we would see Kane again in this series, I found his appearance somewhat surprising, and not at ALL how I expected him to come back in this story…. INTRIGUED!!

Episode 9:
4 stars — Another fabulous episode. I seriously LOVED the Walgreen’s adventure with Hendrix and Reagan. So much giggling. And watching the interplay with Kane is interesting….he’s so mysterious. Evil, yes….but there’s more there. Course, he could just be crazy….I mean, I know he’s crazy, but HOW crazy??

And new people? Interesting to see where this is going to take us!

Episode 10:
4.5 stars — oh ho ho Ms Higginson…I can see what you’re doing here, and I can’t decide if I like it or not. I’m intrigued by Kane, but to make him 3 dimensional?? *sigh* So unfair. Yup, enjoyed this episode — enjoyed getting to delve even MORE into the Allen family background. Not sure what to think of Tyler and her beaus, but I’m with Reagan…I’m enjoying watching it all play out.

Some fabulous zingers from Harrison again…truly LOL moments. And what an intriguing twist…I feel like I should have seen it coming, but I totally didn’t. Can’t wait to see what we learn about Kane now, and how this will inevitably play out.

Episode 11:
5 stars — LOVE LOVE LOVED IT! The beginning with Kane and Reagan was interesting….it’s so hard to get a read on him…. I’m with Reagan, I know deep down he’s a bad man, but it’s so hard to keep that in mind when he turns on the vulnerable charm.

But the best of this episode was all the deliciousness between Hendrix and Reagan. I think my heart both melted and went into overdrive. Just so needed after all the tension of the season thus far. I know big bad things are probably in the works, so to have the sweet little interlude was just so gratifying.

Episode 12:
5 stars — Oh dear lord have mercy…this felt like a bigger episode…mostly just because it had 2 significant sections of action. I mean, first there was the standoff with Matthias and Kane, and so many delicious speeches that just got me right in the ticker (my highlighting finger basically just wanted to highlight all of it). And OMG, I can’t even begin to go into the craziness of how that played out. I hadn’t been reading that long, but it was so epic and climatic that I honestly thought it was gonna end at that point. But NO! We got a second section of massive suspenseful OMG OMG OMG deliciousness (from an action pov). Honestly, I cried for Reagan. How could you not? That was some epicness Ms. Higginson. Just epicness. LOVED Tyler in those moments too. I’ve thought some of the other episodes were rollercoasters, but this one is like the MEGA MONSTER rollercoaster of emotions.

So yeah. Great conclusion. Not like a big cliffhanger, but definitely a lot of setup for the next season. Delicious.