The Artists Touch by S.H. Pratt

The Artists TouchSynopsis: Exhausted, disillusioned and disgusted with her life in Los Angeles, Clarice “Rissa” Daniels leaves a successful acting career for the comforts of home in Olympia, Washington. Embracing a simpler life without the overabundance of testosterone that she’d dealt with in California, she works to recover and rebuild her life without the “Hollywood craziness”, away from the toxic presence of her ex-boyfriend, and far from the paparazzi. When a walk in the park drops her into the lap of Spencer St. George, she finds herself drawn to his quiet, unobtrusive demeanor, but Rissa quickly realizes that there is much more to the bespectacled middle-school art teacher.

Spencer St. George prefers the quiet life far from the hassles created by his family. Known as “Saint” to his students, he creates his own sense of peace with a paint brush in his hand while standing behind an easel. When Rissa Daniels crashes headlong into his life, Spencer is sent reeling. Unsure of her intentions, but drawn to her gregarious personality, he finds himself stepping out from behind his easel and daring to hope for more than his quiet life.

But as Spencer and Rissa grow closer, history threatens to destroy them. Met with righteous reticence from his family and stubborn pride from hers, the couple sets out to discover the events that turned their families against each other. As the past begins to surface, the present becomes dangerous, creating an uncertainty that could bind Spencer and Rissa together… or drive them apart forever.

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4 Stars

This was a nice change of pace for me. I really liked both MC’s in this book.  Rissa has an outgoing and slightly aggressive personality that I can identify with.  She sees something and went after it.  And when you throw a ‘no’ her way she want to know why.  Her inquisitive personality appeals to me.  She is a good match for Spence’s oft times passiveness.  Spencer is a rigid opposite to her easy going manner.  It reminded me of left brain and right brain.  Controlling and order meets fly by the seat of her pants.  Both halves work together seemlessly.  Spence has this artsy yet over planned outlook that was quite attractive to me.  I love me some control.  And his control wasn’t just for the public, his appetite in the bedroom was… Gah, it was super sexy.

But this story isn’t just sexy scenes and opposites attract. It had another dimension that I truly thought felt was necessary for it to give it more layers. There is a fantastic mystery from their pasts that threatens to come between their newfound romance.   Old wounds are re-opened and family secrets don’t stay buried for long with Rissa’s detective skills. Spences steadfast support of her is what really made me fall for him.  Their relationship evolves and develops steadily throughout.  I gotta say I really enjoyed how natural SH Pratt made it feel while I read it.  It had a maturity to it that I appreciated immensely.  
I would recommend this book to anyone who likes romance. It’s totally worth it.  

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