Houseboy Rules by Daryl Banner

Houseboy rulesSynopsis: Liam Hightower has a lot of money and seven different houseboys he can play sexy games with at his leisure. But when he hires eighteen-year-old Evan fresh out of high school, Liam discovers what his life was missing. The smart forbidden fruit called Evan is not like the other boys. When Liam’s sexual appetite crosses a line, Evan flips the rules on his boss, teaching him a hard lesson on what it means to obey the houseboy rules.

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2 stars

Seventh book in the Brazen Boys series and I gotta say that I was pretty disappointed with this one. The others had a different theme than this one did.  This one wasn’t nearly as erotic and/or romantical, not that that is mandatory for me but these books started out that way.  This last one didn’t seem to have any kind of romance in it at all.  It was more about control and loyalty.  But it just didn’t make much sense the way the author went about it.  The ending didn’t give me that much closure so I didn’t really understand where it was going.  This is the only one that I can honestly say that I didn’t like.

Sorry guys. I feel kinda bad because I am HUGE fan of Daryl Banner and I really wanted to like it.   For some reason I couldn’t get into Liam’s mind I guess.   I couldn’t identify with his character. He seemed like an ass and maybe that’s why I couldn’t get into the story. I feel like that could be a cop-out because there’s lots of books where I couldn’t stand the MC but I liked the book.  (see Bully review) I’m sorry, this one wasn’t for me.

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