Slippery When Wet by Daryl Banner

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000026_00088]Synopsis: Uptight and perpetually-single Scott can’t wait to embark on a seven day cruise with his straight best friend. Trouble is, stressed-out Scott doesn’t know how to “vacation”. When he stumbles into the unapologetically carefree and stunning boy named Hendry, Scott’s dry heart gets an overdue drenching. With only seven days on the luxury cruise ship, things between the boys are about to get slippery.

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4 stars

Vindication for the last book in the series!  Oh man, I was worried about this one.  But it delivered.  First off, what a saucy title huh?  I loved it from gate.  I feel like he ended the series on a high note.  I think he tapped into more of his psychological background in this book. It was an awesome story. I like the cruise stories. Poor Scott is similar to me in his anal-retentiveness.  I tend to plan things to death, just ask my husband. 🙂 He is looking for an excuse to let go and just live in the moment.  And that excuse comes in come great packaging.  Hendry is a sweet kind guy who seems to know exactly what Scott needs to unwind.

I felt the ending might have been a little bit rushed because the previous pacing of the book was a bit on the slow side, they took their sweet time getting to know each other.  It was a good story and I’m sad to see the Brazen Boys go but I know that there will be many other books by Mr. Banner that I will like so I will look forward to those.

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