Restless Waters by Jessica Park

Restless watersSynopsis: A storm is coming, and with storms come restless waters.

Pulled from the depths of catastrophe and depression, Blythe McGuire has learned to escape from her past while embracing the future. A future now entwined with the Shepherd siblings.

With Chris, she shares a staggering romance that kicks heartbreak’s ass.

With Sabin, she shares an intense friendship, one that’s becoming more complicated than either had expected. A friendship now being put to the test because Sabin’s brutal past still haunts him. Because trauma is the gift that keeps on giving without mercy.

Now Sabin is the one left drowning and struggling to breathe, and his turmoil threatens to send all three into dark currents they cannot escape. Even after going through her own hell, saving Sabin will take much more than Blythe had anticipated. Their connection and their love could help, but getting him to reach for her hand could be Blythe’s biggest challenge ever.

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3 Stars

This book was good, it was up to par with Mrs. Parks writing which I love, I’ve read almost all her books. However, I just didn’t get the emotional connection this time around with Blythe. I got it with Sabin, and I’m kinda irritated. I don’t know if it’s a fault in my reading if maybe I was just in a weird place when I read it or if the writing just wasn’t up to par with her previous book. Maybe my expectations were just too high because the first book holds such a very big piece of my heart, it’s one of my all-time favorite books.  I may have put the book on a pedestal.

I really connected with Sabins’ loss of control.  How lost he felt with his emotions. He couldn’t control them I totally understand his resentment towards Chris and I get the hate love aspect of it how he hated Chris for not allowing him to share that burden while at the same time loving him for trying to protect him from it. But I don’t get how Blythe is involved in that journey with him. The book seems more like the book should have been from Sabins POV.  I just don’t feel she was a MC in this book.

Chris really came through for me in this book. I feel like Chris’ growth as a character was so high.  It’s like he’s a different character all together when I read it.  He is so strong and committed to his family and Blythe, there was never a doubt in his mind about how he felt about them.  He recognized exactly what was going on and took charge to help.

I would recommend this book to people who like feels.

Sidenote: Nice Flat Out Love reference!  And, I had no idea that there was a second book. The first book has excellent closure and I didn’t think it needed a second book, but I’m glad she wrote it.

Favorite Quote:  Healing doesn’t mean that the past doesn’t exist.  It means that we allow it, that we accept it, and that we continue to move on.

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