The Temptation Series by Ruth Cardello

24861366Two hot holiday novellas about one sizzling couple. Meet Kate & Brock!

Book 1 ~ Twelve Days of Temptation:
How far would you go if you were offered a chance to fulfill your secret fantasies?

What would you ask someone to do, if you knew they’d do anything?

After the death of her mother and the abrupt end of her marriage, Kate is desperately unhappy to be spending the upcoming holiday season alone. She vents her frustration in a letter to the one man her mother raised her to believe in—Santa Claus. This year she is rebelliously requesting something guaranteed to raise his eyebrows.

Brock Foster has wanted Kate since they were in high school. When he finds her letter, her Christmas wish becomes his obsession. Winning her will require skill and deception. Brock initiates a game that will bring them together and tear them apart.

Join Kate and Brock as they discover what happens when Santa puts you on The Naughty List.

Book 2 ~ Be My Temptation:
What would you do if you discovered the man of your dreams was lying to you?

Would you leave him or would you make him pay?

When Kate Hale chose between two men, she picked the nice guy. He is every bit as wonderful in and out of the bedroom as she hoped he would be. Until she discovers his secret. He’s the man she wants to grow old with, right after she gives him a taste of his own medicine.

Brock Foster can’t believe how well everything has worked out. He won the heart of a woman he’s lusted after most of his life and is preparing to propose to her. When a game he thought had finished resurfaces and threatens to tear them apart, Brock must decide exactly how far he’ll go to be Kate’s Valentine.

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My Review:
Twelve Days of Temptation:
2.5 stars — I don’t know….it was an ok read for me, but I wasn’t blown away.  Maybe it’s because I did end up having a problem with the deception, and the fact that Brock chose to keep it a secret in the end?  Maybe because we got to see inside his head, and the number of times he was focused on the sex and not seeming to care about the woman herself….not that it was always like that, but it just gave me a bad taste in my mouth.  I found that near the end I was waiting for it all to blow up in Brock’s face, probably b/c I know this is a two parter and I read the synopsis for the second book, so I made some bad assumptions about how this book was going to end.  So I found myself less interested in the story as it went on….  Or maybe I’m just having one of those days??  I mean, I’m not even sure I care if I read the next part of the story….

Be My Temptation:
3 stars — I tried to put away my grievances from the first book and start cleaner with this second book…and for the most part I achieved that.  This one started off funny — I mean, I guessed what was happening, but if I hadn’t I probably wouldn’t have appreciated it since it came across cheaty (and I’m a no cheating girl).  And then I was actually enjoying myself not too badly — it was nice to watch Brock and Kate together when things were good and pretending nothing was between them.  But of course what I had been expecting at the end of book 1 had to happen (ie Kate had to figure out Brock was Mr. Elf), and then it was just ok again.  I wasn’t a huge fan of playing games to get him to confess, and so I had a hard time going through the emotions with Kate.  It wasn’t fun, though it wasn’t meant to be….  I guess I just didn’t feel sympathy for either of the characters, so I just wasn’t all that personally involved in the storyline.

Wow, this turned into a longer review than I had been anticipating.  All in all I just wasn’t that invested in the characters or the storyline in this 2 part novella series.  It wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t my cup of tea.  I found I wasn’t even that interested in the steamy parts b/c there was stuff hanging over their heads most of the time.