The Artist’s Love (The Artist’s Touch Book 2) by S.H. Pratt

the artists loveSynopsis: Rissa Daniels is being stalked. Spencer St. George’s life is in danger. Their families refuse to tell them the secrets of the past that haunt their present and affect their future. With every passing day and each new discovery, Spencer and Rissa grow closer to each other and to the truth until Rissa’s stalker becomes larger than life, forcing Spencer to reevaluate their relationship and his place as a St. George.
Knowing that they will never be free from the dark menace that hovers over them without taking matters into their own hands, Rissa and Spencer make a decision that will forever change the future of their relationship. Long-buried secrets come to light, long-dead ghosts are allowed to rest in peace, and long-festering wounds are able to heal… but they are not without cost. Together, Spencer and Rissa face their fears head-on in the hope that their actions will stop their families’ pasts from destroying their future.


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5 Stars

The story continues….. Dun dun duuuuuun.

This is when things get intense folks.  And it is pretty spectacular.  Rissa is like a bloodhound with a scent, she keeps digging deeper and deeper into her and Spence’s past.  I must say that I was a bit confused in the beginning about all the people in the past.  There were so many people involved.  The plot is pretty involved guys.  And the author really strings you along till the last minute, which made the ending that much more surprising.

I love Rissa’s self-confidence, she may show some nervousness a bit (particularly when meeting Spence’s grandparents), but in the end her courage and snooping skills really shine through.  She is able to maintain a femininity about her while at the same time not taking any shit from people.  A talent that is hard to achieve in my opinion.

Spence, ahhh Spence, he is such a great guy.  He seemed to always know what to say and rarely lost control; which to me is super attractive in a male lead.  He was like a beta-alpha.  I just made it up.  But it fits him.  Not very aggressive, but controlled and he knows what he wants and what he doesn’t. The man is one of the most loyal characters I have ever read; another attractive attribute in a male.

This isn’t just a love story, although I could have been content to just read about the evolvement of their relationship.  This story had intrigue, danger and suspense.  It was like a mystery and a love story all rolled into one!  I really can’t go in to detail because this is the second book and I am not really a fan of spoilers.  (cue the River Song tagline, “Spoilers”)

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