Blood will Tell (Warriors of Ankh #1) by Samantha Young

blood will tellSynopsis: What would you do if you were born to be a predator? Would you fight your natural instincts or give in to your nature?

Eden is a soul eater closing in on her awakening. Her family has convinced her that soon she will have to take a life in order to save her own. It’s a decision Eden doesn’t want to deal with even as her hunger for souls grows stronger every day.

To complicate her impossible position, new guy in school Noah Valois’ determination to befriend her puts Eden in touch with a humanity she’s never known. Addicted to his company, his friendship and affection, she becomes more and more terrified that giving into her hunger will mean losing him forever…

… But when she discovers that Noah is not what he seems, his betrayal forces her to face two choices. One will offer her revenge and the destruction of a boy she loved. The other may offer her a life of eternal redemption…


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4 Stars (isn’t the cover perdy?)

I’m a huge fan of SY. She writes good stuff.  She has a flair for originality and creativity.  (cue the guy asking for a smoke, the FB folks know who I am referencing) This one is kinda like the anti-heroine. I could be wrong because I am not really versed in all the technical shit.  She is a bad guy but she doesn’t want to be a bad guy and there are people who can save her.  She really struggled with the monster inside of her. Eden is a strong heroine, a great female lead.  For a quick minute, I thought there was gonna be some incest in the book. The brother and sister were really close.  Thank god I was wrong. I’ve read enough V.C. Andrews thank you very much.

There’s not really any romance in the book, it’s lightly touched upon. I think knowing what the author is capable of might have colored my expectations of this book.  But there was none of it in this book.  It was refreshing to not have that, it was very focused on Eden.  The way that she had to fight her natural born instincts, the way that the author wrote her internal struggle and how she fought it. I felt the anger and fear that she was going through.  I was pissed off for her when she felt betrayed.  The hunger she had was so detailed and intensely pronounced.  Her loneliness with regards to anybody who could understand her. She was so very alone, there was nobody in her corner except for her brother. But even her brother was pushing her to embrace the darkness and I think it was kind of selfish of Stellan to do that because he just didn’t want to be alone.  And I totally agree with her decisions at the end of the book. I was 100% behind Eden on what she wanted to do.  That was kinda cool for me because rarely do the author and I have similar views on what should happen.  I have a lot of empathy for Eden.

I would recommend any book by Samantha Young.    I will be reading the next one.

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