Flirting with Death by Ali Winters

flirting with deathSynopsis: Being a reaper has its perks, but also its downsides.
While on an assignment, Evander is caught off guard by an unmarked human. Captivated, he is unable to tear himself away.
This is why reapers don’t associate with mortals.

Piper was ordinary, just a girl looking for love. And all she knows is that her current boyfriend isn’t it. An unfortunate incident and a series of remarkable events turn her world upside down.
But what she finds is the last thing she ever expected—She finds herself falling for the least likely candidate.




5 Stars

This short story is absolutely adorable. The atmosphere was perfectly described and I really liked the setting as well. Evander’s thought process was a little funny to me. The way he weighted his feelings regarding his work and his want. Todd’s character got what was coming to him in my opinion. Poor Piper went through the gauntlet of emotions in this short. She managed to stay composed throughout the hectic upheaval.

Favorite quotes:

Echoes of laughter, and screams, blended with the carnival music, floating up to Evander. The smell of heated sugar and fried doiugh was think in the warm summer night air.

Usually, Evander felt a little tug for each of the reapings he performed, but this one just wasn’t inspiring anything-except maybe, relief for the entire species. Soon they would be down one obnoxious specimen.

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