The Fifteenth Minute by Sarina Bowen

26720038Freshman Lianne Challice is known to millions of fans as Princess Vindi. But sometimes a silver screen sorceress just wants to hang up her wand, tell her manager to shove it, and become a normal college student. Too bad that’s harder than it looks.

She’s never lived a normal life. She hasn’t been to school since kindergarten. And getting close to anyone is just too risky — the last boy she kissed sold the story to a British tabloid.

But she can’t resist trying to get close to Daniel “DJ” Trevi, the hot, broody guy who spins tunes for hockey games in the arena. Something’s haunting his dark eyes, and she needs to know more.

DJ’s genius is for expressing the mood of the crowd with a ten second song snippet. With just a click and a fade, he can spread hope, pathos or elation among six thousand screaming fans.

Too bad his college career is about to experience the same quick fade-out as one of his songs. He can’t get close to Lianne, and he can’t tell her why. And the fact that she seems to like him at all? Incredible.

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My Review:
4.5 stars — Yay!!  I made it to the end of the series!!  It’s made me very happy, especially after a few less than stellar reads that I’d been looking forward to.  It’s always nice to go back to an author you’ve previously enjoyed and know you’re gonna get some good stuff.  So thank you Sarina Bowen!  😉

Strangely enough (for me anyways), it wasn’t the book boy that totally won me over in this book, it was so very much Lianne.  That’s not to say I wasn’t totally in love with DJ — he was actually a very complicated and nuanced character, and I was thoroughly enthralled with his side story.  It’s actually a side of the world of sexual assault that I never thought about before.  That’s one of the things I really enjoyed about all the books in this series — besides a great love story, you also got an interesting look at some very real world issues facing each of the characters…and sometimes some very obscure and not overdone issues.  And seeing the toll it took on DJ, how it could affect someone’s life, someone innocent, was kind of heartbreaking.  And besides all that, DJ was so very sweet, protective, silly, and delicious.  I even appreciated that he was a shorter dude, b/c as I’ve said in other reviews, I’m married to a shorter dude, and they often get the shaft as a romantic hero.

But back to Lianne.  It was such a strange look into the life of a celebrity, and how very isolating that can be.  And I seriously loved how zany and sassy and nerdy she could be!  I appreciated her bouts of self doubt as well.  I can’t imagine what it must be like to be her, and I thoroughly enjoyed the glimpse into her life and all the little things that made her into the person she is.  Even though I have very little in common with her, I felt like I could relate to her as a character, more than say Bella in the previous book.  So I really loved getting inside her head and celebrating her moments of glory with her!

Now that I try to write out what all I loved about her, I realize that maybe it wasn’t her but the two of them together that really sucked me in.  They were so adorable with each other, and it had all the greatness of first love to it.  I don’t know…

Basically, I don’t seem to be able to articulate what I loved about this book, I just really did.  Great review eh?  Ah well, they can’t all be winners.

And I’m super excited for the spin off series, and OF COURSE I looked at the sneak peak to find out who the couple would be — and I totally KNEW they would get a book, so I’m super excited for it!!