Squirrel Bait (Chip’s Dollar Dreadfuls Book 1) by Chip Davis

29243507Blurb: Tonya the librarian has an unusual passion for books, even for a librarian. When her books are harmed she takes it personally. When people turn up dead over damaged books, there are questions to answer. When the killer is a weresquirrel, the questions become more confusing.

There is a certain pretentiousness in classical literature. Elegant writing filled with meaning both astounding and sublime. This is not that. Not horrific enough to be horror, nor humorous enough to be comedy, welcome to Chip’s Dollar Dreadfuls. There may not be any fundamental truths, but there will be blood…so much blood.





5 Stars

I have yet to be disappointed in this author.  A fact I am very glad about.  In this guesome parody, Chip takes us on a hilarious journey into the paranormal, where books are coveted (as they should be) and the penalty for vandalization (is that a word?) is high.

First, I should point out the blurb is fantastic.  I had the honor of beta reading this book and the surprising pleasure of having my name used as a character as well.  My view might be a bit skewed because of that, but I do have some pride and would’t dare say something is good just because my name was in it.  That being said, this book was good.

I laughed… so many times.  Its a bit odd reading a book with so many characters that you know.  Maybe not odd, but certainly surreal.  I kept picturing their faces when I was reading this book which may have been one of the reasons I was so enthralled with it. The scene with Riley was too funny!  Those book destroyers get whats coming to them, thats for sure.  And of course the ending where my namesake turns…..you know what? Nevermind, you will need to read it.

There is a darker background to this book. It’s not all over the top were-squirrels.  I really appreciated that contrast to the humor.  It had equal parts humor and gore.  Seriously, you should go read it.

This book satisfies my Parody block in the Book Bingo challenge I am doing through Just Another Girl and Her Books blog.

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