(Un)Wise (Judgement of the Six #3) By Melissa Haag


unwiseBlurb: The dreams start and Bethi’s very normal life goes down the toilet. Reliving past lives, where Dog-men chase her and she sees her eventual tormented death, Bethi sets out to find a way to live this time around. The dreams hint at an answer. She needs to be strong enough to find it, or die…

The third installment of the Judgement of the Six answers questions, questions answers, and risks the fate of the world.




5 Stars

This one, by far, is my favorite book in the series. and I’ve noticed a pattern with myself. The third book, generally, is most often my favorite. I don’t know why. I’m guessing because the story is established and I have a connection with the characters and the third book usually has the most information relating to the progression of the story.

That’s not why this is my favorite. The MC, Bethi, (I don’t think the name fits, never did but whatevs) is a badass. She is prob the most tortured and she’s also the youngest.  Shes got the best powers, I think, even though she is the most tortured. I was wondering how the author was going to do it too and she nailed it.  She is like the lore holder or the bard.  She relives all the past lives and feels what they feel.  It’s a terribly important gift she has.

I love her snarky attitude, she’s hella sarcastic.  She would have to be I guess, you can’t take too much seriously when everytime you go to sleep you die a violent death.  And Luke is fricking adorable. He just kinda lets her get her aggression out while at the same time understanding that its not directed at him but at the situation.  He trying to be all virtuous and chilvalrous and she’s just not having it. I totally dig a woman is not afraid to make the first move.  I think that their easy going banter back and forth regarding the bite and the claiming was hilarious.

Favorite quotes

“Hush,” he warned when I would have moved away to keep talking.  “The decisions you make and the words you speak influence the people around you.  Be aware of your influence.”

He wanted me to like him? How in the hell did I end up finding the only damn werewolf who wanted to take it slow and get to know each other?

In the shower, I let myself cry.  I was beyond done with the dreams and feeling so desperate and crazy all the time.  Why was I fighting so hard to hold on to a life I hated so much?  The answer helped firm my determination.  I didn’t want to be born again in the same crappy cycle facing the same hopless situation.  With this life, I needed to make a difference.

“It’s a boob,” I bit out annoyed.  “I have two of them.  They don’t do much.  They just sit there.  They definitely don’t bite, so stop acting like they’re going to come after you.  Grow up.”  “Please stop talking about them,” he said in a stiff strangled voice.  I didn’t let up. “You know, sometimes it helps to name the things you fear.  Let’s call the right one Everest and the left one Fuji.  Two mountainous ranges waiting to be….”

What was so wrong with me that he freaked out at the slightest touch?  Other than the fact that some other werewolves wanted to kill me and I had dreams that made me scream loud enough to shake the nearest window…I mean, really, who didn’t have some kind of baggage

Go read this book!

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