Return to Kadenburg by T.E. Ridener

return to kadenburgBlurb: With four missing persons and witnesses who refuse to talk, Kadenburg’s sheriff finds himself in a bind on what to do. Swallowing his pride and biting the figurative bullet, he calls for back-up. His son, 29 year old Rutley Holter hesitantly returns to town to rejoin the family business; hunting werewolves.

Rutley never intended to return to Kadenburg, but it soon becomes personal when he discovers his best friend was murdered by the sniveling mutts his father believes to be responsible for the disappearance of Lorcan Bamey, Presley Goult, Greg Kress, and Dimitri Fridolf.

While searching for familiar faces, Rutley has a chance encounter, and consciously rescues, the one thing he was raised to kill; Dimitri the werewolf. It isn’t long before he begins to experience an inner battle of loyalty and the line between right and wrong start to blur.

Being threatened by Breslin Connor is the least of Lorcan and Presley’s worries. As they struggle to find normalcy in an incredibly extraordinary town, they will come face to face with demons from their pasts and ponder over an uncertain future. Will their love for one another truly conquer all?

New characters and adventures will emerge in book 2 of the Kadenburg Shifters Series. Prepare yourself for laughter, tears, and nail-biting suspense as you re-enter the most magical little town in Tennessee.

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I loved this book more than the first one, which gives me high hopes for the next one.

This book was action packed from beginning to end.  I never got bored and I was able to keep up with all the new players coming into the game.  So much happens in such a short amount of time I’m quite surprised I was able to keep track of it all.

Rutley (what a name) is my favorite. He has such inner torment that you can’t help but want to hug and squeeze his guilt away.  I think he also has the most happen to him and the most growth.  I mean, come on, what would you do if you went against everything you were raised to believe and then felt as if you betrayed the only one of your friends who accepted you with no reservations?

I know right?

The author did this thing were almost each story had it’s chance in the spotlight and not one got more attention than the other.  It was pretty cool to read how they intertwined together as a whole.  They were separate but equal.

Miss Ridener write love interests very well.  Her steamy scenes are passionate and tasteful. (not that I mind erotica)

How can this book only have 26 reviews!!!!!!  Go read this series now!

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