Bet on Me by Rachel Higginson

29285233.jpgOne night. One big mistake. One boy that changes everything.

Britte Nichols has a plan.

And it’s a good one. College. Med School. Illustrious career. Then maybe a husband. Possibly children, but she doesn’t want to get ahead of herself.

Britte decided at a young age that she wasn’t going to let love get in the way of her future. She has things to do. Places to go and all that.

Until the night she has one too many drinks and lets lust override logic.

Beckett Harris is gorgeous, talented and completely bad for her. But she wasn’t the only one feeling fireworks that night. Now Beckett wants to explore their chemistry and his timing couldn’t be more inconvenient.

Her heart wants what her head knows she can’t have. But a girl has needs. So when Beckett bets her a few weeks of harmless fun, she wants to say yes.

She’ll just have to bet that Beckett doesn’t fall for her too.

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My Review:
4.5 stars — I received a free advanced copy from the author in exchange for an honest and unbiased review/opinion.

Oh yeah, this one was worth waiting for!!  I actually didn’t end up rereading Bet on Us before diving into this one, and now I kind of want to go back and refresh my memory on Ellie and Fin.  But it was definitely not necessary to enjoy this story, just if you want to get more out of it.  It feels like its been awhile since I had some Rachel Higginson goodness, b/c I haven’t been keeping up with Love & Decay (I know, for shame…and I call myself a fangirl).  But this book was quintessential Higginson.  It was everything I love about her writing.

And the number one thing I love?  The interactions of her characters.  Beckett and Britte were fantastic — I honest to goodness had butterflies right from chapter one.  Their chemistry just oozed off the pages.  I don’t even know how all to describe it, but I could just feel their attraction for one another.  And Ms. Higginson NAILS snark and sassiness like you wouldn’t believe.  Both Beckett and Britte had me grinning with their bantering back and forth.  I just wanted them to succeed as a couple so badly.

Britte was an interesting book girl — I couldn’t always vibe with her personality, but I still really cared for her, despite her closed off nature.  And she had some baggage in her family department that broke my heart.  I thought that little side story played out quite nicely.

Beckett is where I fell in love.  That boy…he even had a bit of imposter syndrome.  On the surface he may not have had quite the issues that Britte was facing, but I still felt for what he was going through.  And so many of us assume we’re going to let our family down and work so hard for what we think they want for us.  But yeah.  He was sexy, and sweet, and unsure, and cocky, and just so hilarious sometimes…in little ways.

And now I have to try to figure out who the next books are going to be about.  I know they’re probably Grayson and Lennox books, but is it bad of me that I kind of want them to be about Jameson and Charlie??  Jameson needs an HEA Rachel!!  Please!

Ahem.  So anyways, if you’re already a fan of Ms. Higginson’s, then you are in for a treat.  And if you’re new to her, prepare for a fabulous rom-com NA.


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