Deadly Secrets by Kat Nichols

deadly secretsBlurb: Sophia Morganthal is in over her head. Her struggles with trying to run a corporation and lead her coven cause havoc in Sophia’s personal life — mostly with her boyfriend, Connor.

Amidst the chaos, a neighboring coven is attacked, pushing Sophia to assume her place on the local council. On the brink of a supernatural war, Sophia must take action as some of the coven leaders seem to have their own agenda.

Running out of options, Sophia seeks help from the last group the council wants to involve. Will the risk be worth the reward or will she lose everything she fought so hard to attain?





4 stars

First off, let me apologize to KN for taking sooooo long in reviewing this book.  Secondly,  doesn’t this cover just exude attitude?!  I love it so much.

Sophia is still so young but her life has had so many obstacles she’s had to deal with.  I admire her perserverence and the fact that she doesn’t allow others to try and discount her because of her age.  This chic is a fighter!  I’m shocked this only has 10 reviews!  Seriously?

This book flowed really well for me.  There was no complex plots I needed to figure out, cause as we all know, sometimes I’m a bit of a dense reader.  I really enjoyed Sophia’s stubborness and her self-awareness.  She took the steps she felt were needed to get to where she needed to be.  She seems so confident from the outside looking in, but reading about how stressed she is and how she doesn’t know if she can succeed as the newest and youngest matriarch is very realistic to me.  Miss Nichols can write internal emotions really well.

Sophia uses her resources and shows incredible courage while doing it.  Coupled with her humbleness of her success makes her all the more attractive as an MC to me.  I will say this.  I was upset about Connor not having a more prominent role in the story.  Connor was a great character, but I didn’t get to see as much of him as I wanted too.

This book went deeper into the whole supernatural world than I expected and I was pleasantly surprised that it encompassed more than just witches in this one.  I would recommend this book to anyone who likes strong, independant heriones in a great fantasy setting.

final2b22blargeThis is the third series I have finished this year.  Completing my self imposed goal on the Finishing the Series challenge over ot Bea’s Book Nook.

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