Top Ten Favorite 2016 Releases So Far This Year

Top Ten Tuesday
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Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish in which you make a list of ten to do with a certain topic.  This week’s topic is “Top Ten Favorite 2016 Releases So Far This Year.”  (And apparently we both interpreted that differently… 😉 ).

Curly Carla’s Top Ten:

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  1. Crazy About Love by Cassie Mae. Just finished this book, in short, I loved it.  My review.
  2. Grin and Beard It by Penny Reid.  I can’t wait to start this one, I just finished the first one.
  3. Star Dust by Ali Winters.  This was a great book!  My review.
  4. The Player and the Pixie by L.H. Cosway & Penny Reid.  I’m so excited about reading this!
  5. Logan Kade by Tijan.  I love this author!
  6. Us by Sarina Bowen & Elle Kennedy.  Another author I love.
  7. Dawn of Ash by Rebecca Ethington.
  8. Never Never by Colleen Hoover & Tarryn Fisher.  I was a bit disappointed in this series.  My review.
  9. Always April by Tammy Falkner.
  10. Order of Dust by Giselle Simlett.

Lenoreo’s Top Ten:

OMG, I was so happy to have such a straightforward and simple topic, that I then proceeded to misread and originally made a TTT of my top ten favourite reads of 2016 so far.  Thank the baby Jesus that only 4 of them weren’t from 2016, so I only have to make a few alterations.  My brain has decided to leave on vacation for my book convention a day early.  :S


  1. #Junkie by Cambria Hebert — my 5 star review.
  2. Playing Defense by Cate Cameron — my 4 star review.
  3. Us by Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy — my 4.5 star review.
  4. Love Me Never by Sara Wolf — my 4.5 star review.
  5. The Playmaker by Jordan Ford — my 4.5 star review.
  6. You Can’t Catch Me by Becca Ann — my 5 star review.
  7. #Rev by Cambria Hebert — my 5 star review.
  8. Crazy About Love by Cassie Mae — my 5 star review.
  9. Bet on Me by Rachel Higginson — my 4.5 star review.
  10. Point of Origin by Rebecca Yarros — my 4.5 star review.

So what are your top reads of 2016 so far??  Did any of ours make your list?  Share your links!!  I won’t get to them this week likely, but I will endeavour to take a peek after I’m home!

10 thoughts on “Top Ten Favorite 2016 Releases So Far This Year

  1. I have to admit that I haven’t read any of these books. Their covers look intriguing though! Here’s to another good 6 months of reading!

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  2. Grin and Beard it has the best cover 😛
    I’ve not heard of most of these books but some of them sound adorable. Crazy About Love sounds right up my alley (I’m a bit of a hopeless case for romance novels). Great list !


  3. I completly adoreeeed The Player and The Pixie! I even wrote a review about it on my blog because oh my God, I loved it so much. I think it might eveeeeen be better than The Hooker and The Hermit! I placed this one on my TTT, too!
    I’m super excited to read Grin and Beard It simply because it was written by one of the authors of The Player and The Pixie!

    Cat @ Bubblegum Yellow

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