99: The Warriors Rise (Rise of the Battle Bred Book 3) by VL Holt

99Blurb: In this, the third book of the Battle Bred trilogy, Jane would rather die than allow William to sacrifice himself for her again, even with one do-over up his sleeve. So she’s taken matters into her own hands. Who knew mortal combat could be so fun? Between sparring and some unexpected events, she doesn’t have much time to miss William. Good thing, because he’s got a major PR nightmare to clear up before the entire globe discovers who and what he is. But things are so much more dangerous than either of them realize.

A storm is brewing that will bring down the fires of Lochspawn revenge, a creature designed for mass destruction, and the wrath of the most powerful men on the planet. Jane and William only want to be together, but they may have to fight together. And if they do, they just might have to answer the question: is love really worth dying for?



Favorite Quotes:

“I can’t remember my life before you came into it,” I told him, my heart in my throat. It was quiet for a beat. “Jane?” “Yeah?” I whispered. “The only life that matters to me is the one with you in it.”

“I wish we could just have a normal couple weeks, you know? Homework, go out on the weekends, share a slushy straw, make out, have a BBQ with the neighbors. Instead your living room is a freaking war room; there’s monsters in Oregon’s airspace, and five psycho immortal freaks have a bounty on your head. So,” I took a breath and sighed again. “So I’m sighing because it’s time for me to suck it up and get back to work. We can sleep when we’re dead, right?” I quipped.

I was running toward the danger, like a fool or a hero. But I knew I was no hero, so that only left one thing.

finishing the series

5 stars

Another great cover, right!

I was given an amazing opportunity to read an ARC of this book and I jumped on that offer fast!  I think this book really tied up all the loose ends from the previous two books, which I thought was gonna be a tall order since the second book had no real closure.  This book has got more complexity in it than the other two as well.  You can see the authors growth during this series.

This book has lots of action, a fact that I love.  Events happen at fast clip and before you know it, you are staring at the last page thinking, “That can’t be the end, I want more!”  The flashbacks combined with the interlocking story lines really bring out a deep, layered plot. I love the fact that this story isn’t linear, giving it a great ebb and flow.

I love the battle scenes!  They were precise and organized and I enjoyed that there were many and not like one huge one.  I think I like that part the most.

Jane’s relationship with William evolves here and we see a bit more emotional depth from them and it fit very good since anything physical would have taken away from the main plot.

That’s about all I can say since this is a series finale and I don’t want to spoil it too much for you.  Go read the series!!!

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