Anti-Stepbrother by Tijan

anti-stepbrotherBlurb: He told me to settle.
He asked what was wrong with me.
He called me an easy target.
That was within minutes when I first met Caden Banks.
I labeled him an *sshole, but he was more than that. Arrogant. Smug. Alpha.

He was also to-die-for gorgeous, and my stepbrother’s fraternity brother.

Okay, yes I was a little naive, a tad bit socially awkward, and the smallest amount of stalker-ish, but if Caden Banks thought he could tell me what to do, he had another thing coming.

I came to college with daydreams about being with my stepbrother, but what if I fell for the anti-stepbrother instead?




5 Stars

I really liked this book.  It was better that Fallen Crest series in my opinion.  It seemed to be more polished and less choppy.  The friendship between Caden and Summer blossomed naturally and didn’t feel forced. It wasn’t attraction at first sight either.  They were just genuinely hanging out with each other.  It was very cool to experience.

Summer came off as incredibly naive in the beginning.  I like how she realized it and was able to adapt and learn as the story progressed.  I found her friends a bit catty and shallow though.  This book didn’t have as much depth as I usually enjoy, but it was still good.

Caden was the strong silent type, and once he let you in, you were part of a small group he trusted.  He kept a very tight circle, a fact that was not lost on Summer.  She knew he didn’t let anyone in and while she didn’t know what she did to deserve his trust, she didn’t abuse the power he gave her.  Honestly, I thought of them as Forest and Jenny. They were like peas and carrots.

Kevin (stepbrother) is a straight up a-hole of the highest caliber.  However, I think he has the most growth throughout this book.

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