Reunited by Daniel Gothard

reunitedBlurb: In 1992, Ben Tallis is coming to terms with the recent death of his father. His ability to cope isn’t helped by the fact he’s secretly in love with one his best friends. At least keeping a daily journal helps him make sense of events, and he believes it’s the perfect preparation for his plan to one become a successful journalist. In 2012, Ben has achieved his career ambition—he’s a highly respected journalist and is engaged to a hardworking and ambitious lawyer. But this seemingly “perfect” relationship is fraught with problems. Ben mentions in passing to his editor he has received an invitation to a 20 year school reunion but doesn’t want to go. His editor, however, smells a great feature article and insists Ben returns home, faces his past—including his secret teenage yearning—and writes a feature on how much we change and yet in so many ways stay the same. As Ben reluctantly re-engages with his past, he soon comes to realize that we can never run from the truth—or who we truly are.




2 stars

I was not a fan of this book.  I found it boring and slow  moving.  It was supposed to be my book bingo block for a comedy.  I didn’t laugh once so I’m not using it, especially since I just realized that I already have that block covered.  I honestly don’t know what else to write. It was the opposite of good.

I thought the MC was whiny and immature.  He kept looking at his fiance as someone who was keeping him in line because he was always messing up.  And the fiance left him for a very long time over one little fight.  I’m not exaggerating, she came home from work and they had an argument, then she left him and wouldn’t return his calls or emails for days!  So you argue and then you just leave?  You take off and avoid the conflict, that sounds childish to me and I was over their relationship pretty quickly after that.

I liked the flashbacks.  High school teenage angst I get. Scared of rejection?  I get that.  But I failed to see how any of it was humorous.  I know that european humor is different than us over here in the states but I have never had this issue before and I love to read Euro and Aussie books.

I guess I can chalk this one up to a fluke.  I got this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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