Stacking the Shelves — December 24th, 2016


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Stacking The Shelves is feature/weekly meme created by Tynga’s Reviews in which you share the books you are adding to your shelves, both physical and virtual. This means you can include books you buy in physical stores or online, books you borrow from friends or the library, review books, gifts and of course ebooks!

Curly Carla’s Haul

(All Ebooks unless otherwise specified)

NetGalley ARC Requests Approved:


  • Justice Ascending (The Scorpius Syndrome #3) by Rebecca Zanetti from Kensington Books — releases January 31st, 2017.
  • Leo Loves Aries by Anyta Sunday from the author — released December 6th, 2016.

 eReaderIQ Price Drops and Freebies:


 Amazon Prime Borrows:


 Amazon Freebies:


  • From Gods (Descendant Prophecies #1) by Mary Ting.
  • Up to Date (Better Date than Never #8) by Susan Hatler.

 Got It On Sale:


 Loaned to Me:


 Xmas Book Exchange:


 Amazon Purchases:


Lenoreo’s Haul

(All Ebooks unless otherwise specified)

NetGalley ARC Requests Approved:


  • Lost Girls by Merrie Destefano from Entangled: Teen (Entangled Publishing, LLC) — releases January 3rd, 2017.
  • Tangled Up (Taking Chances #2) by Erin Nicholas from Montlake Romance — releases January 17th, 2017.

ARCs from Authors/PR Companies:


  • Why Not? (Love Riddles #3) by Carey Heywood — releases January 10th, 2017.
  • Speak No Evil (Brotherhood #2) by Jordan Ford — anticipated release is January 11th, 2017.  I’ve actually already beta read this book, but I didn’t write up a review because there would be changes.  So I need to figure out when to do a skim-type reread of the book and write up my review.

Cassie Mae’s Awesome Nerds Secret Santa:

So I belong to author Cassie Mae’s fan group, Cassie Mae’s Awesome Nerds, and some of us nerds participated in a Secret Santa exchange this year.  This can be complicated due to readers living all over the world, and my poor Santa had a heck of a time sending my gifts since she was from the UK.  But she sent me a gift card with the right amount to buy two specific books from my wishlist!  Thanks again Charlotte!


  • Adorkable by Cookie O’Gorman — This book went on my list because of this review from Anita Loves 2 Read!  I mean, I’d been thinking about it before then, but this review put me over the edge and had me hitting wishlist.
  • Mistakenly Married (The Married Series #3) by Victorine E. Lieske — I’ve read the first in this series, and I’m super excited to read more because these books are so cute and freaking hilarious.  (Also, another author from Love Laughter and Happily Ever After group on Facebook).  ALSO!  It just went on sale for free!!

Preorders That Went Live:


by A.J. Brooks — This beauty is the debut by the writing duo of Jolene Perry and Allison Martin/A.I. Martin (I’ve read her as Allie Brennan).  And it was 99 cents!  So obviously I preordered.  😉

My Cyber Monday Book Outlet Craziness:

So Book Outlet had a sale where I think all their books were like an extra 20% off or something?  It was a great deal, and averaged out even with shipping included, I basically got each of these for about $5 each (some were more, some were less).


  • Rock and a Hard Place (The Jamieson Collection #1) and Snapshot (The Jamieson Collection #2) by Angie Stanton — Read them both and loved them both and actually have the first one SIGNED, but in the Indie cover…but since I wanted the second one, I kind of wanted them matchy matchy.  Now I just need to get book 3 to complete my collection (though I have yet to read it).
  • Façade (Games #2) and Masquerade (Games #3) by Nyrae Dawn — Have the first book (Charade) signed by the author, so wanted to complete the trilogy (though I still need to read book 3).
  • Elite (Eagle Elite #1) and Elect (Eagle Elite #2) by Rachel Van Dyken — This author is hit or miss for me, but since she will be attending the Big Apple Author Event in October 2017 that I will be attending, I decided to take a chance on this series.
  • Bad Romeo (Starcrossed #1), Broken Juliet (Starcrossed #2) and Wicked Heart (Starcrossed #3) by Leisa Rayven — This is an author I have not read anything by, but who will also be attending BAAE, and this series has come highly recommended by a few bloggers I follow.  So I again took a chance.  It’s very unlike me.
  • Ready to Wed by Cindi Madsen — I’ve read a few of Ms. Madsen’s books, so figured this should be a slam dunk for me!  Another author from Love Laughter and Happily Ever After.  Also, apparently it’s been renamed and covered, so that could be why I found it on Book Outlet for cheap.
  • Take Me There by Susane Colasanti — This author is a favourite of one of my favourite authors, so I asked for her number one recommendation and this was it.
  • The Boy Most Likely To (My Life Next Door #2) by Huntley Fitzpatrick — I thoroughly enjoyed the first book (My Life Next Door) and have been really wanting to read this followup about Tim and Alice, but it’s one of those over $5 Kindle books, so when I can buy a hardcover for less, I say score!
  • Glass Heart (Cold Kiss #2) by Amy Garvey — I won the first book in this series from a Goodreads giveaway a long time ago and really enjoyed it.  So I figured it might be time to find out what happens next.  (Because with it being $10+ for the Kindle version for me, it was never going to happen otherwise)
  • I’ll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson — And this is one I picked the wrong Jandy Nelson book.  My fave author loves The Sky is Everywhere, but I forgot and put this one in the cart instead…and it turns out I have this one on Kindle.  So I hope this turns out to be a favourite book!  *snort*

More Paperback Purchases:


  • Made for You (The Best Mistake #2) by Lauren Layne — An author I’m REALLY REALLY looking forward to meeting at the BAAE, so I’ve started collecting books for her to sign.  I haven’t read this one yet, but I’m not worried.
  • Lick & Play (Stage Dive #1 & 2) by Kylie Scott — I’ve wanted to read this series for a while, but when the first Kindle book is $4, and the rest are $5, it doesn’t really scream dive in (see what I did there?).  But both books were $6 in this paperback, and for some reason I’m willing to pay for paper.  So here’s hoping it lives up to my expectations.
  • What If by Rebecca Donovan — I really enjoyed the Breathing series by Ms. Donovan, so snatched up this paperback for $6 (even though I apparently have the kindle copy, I really need to pay attention to these things), so here’s hoping I enjoy it.
  • Angelfall (Penryn & the End of Days #1) by Susan Ee — I LOVED this first book.  I have yet to finish the series, but I loved this book enough to want it on my shelf…even though apparently it’s on sale at Amazon, so I could have gotten it cheaper.  😛
  • Rule (Marked Men #1) by Jay Crownover — I hear about this series and author a lot, and the paperback was only $6, whereas the Kindle copy is $10+ for me, so I figured I’d give it a shot.  It was that darned Indigo gift card burning a hole in my pocket.
  • Where the Stars Still Shine by Trish Doller — Another one I apparently already have on Kindle but forgot.  But hey, hardcover for only $6, and I loved one other book by Ms. Doller so fingers are crossed.
  • Cuff Me (New York’s Finest #3) by Lauren Layne — I’ve read the first two in this series, and they actually didn’t blow me away…but I really really wanted to read the third book the most, and wasn’t approved from NetGalley (boo), so when I saw this at the Wee Book Inn (used book store) I figured why not!  And bonus, if I love it I can get it signed!
  • Just One of the Guys by Kristan Higgins — I’ve had this particular Kristan Higgins book on my wishlist for FOREVER, and I don’t remember what drew me to it (maybe it was recommended?).  But when I saw it at the Wee Book Inn, again…I figured why not?
  • Night Reigns (Immortal Guardians #2), Night Unbound (Immortal Guardians #5) and Shadows Strike (Immortal Guardians #6) by Dianne Duvall — I really love this series, so adding them to my bookshelf (even used) is something I totally want to do!!

 Got It On Sale:


  • Bound (Fire on Ice #1) by Brenda Rothert — After reading and loving Hooked by Ms. Rothert, I went looking through her other books to see what she had to offer.  And when I saw this one for free, I one-clicked like my life was depending on it!  Don’t know if it’s a sale or always free, but it’s mine!
  • Edge of Recovery (Love on the Edge #2) and Edge of Bliss (Love on the Edge #3) by Molly E. Lee — When I was doing the Stacking the Shelves last week and was wondering where I spotted some sales, I pulled up the darned The Rock Stars of Romance sale page and spotted these ones on for 99 cents each.  So I had to complete my collection.
  • Snow Angel (Hope Falls #5) by Melanie Shawn — Saw this one on BookBub for free (still is) when it’s usually apparently $5 ish.  And since my favourite author will be writing a book for this series next year, I thought I should introduce myself to it!
  • The Purest Hook (Second Circle Tattoos #3) by Scarlett Cole — Got an eReaderIQ alert that this was on sale for 99 cents (still is) from it’s usual $3.99.  Earlier this year I read The Strongest Steel (book 1) and The Darkest Link (book 4) and enjoyed them both, so I want to fill in the middle now.
  • It’s a Mall World After All by Janette Rallison — Saw this one on My Book Cave e-mail for free (still is) from regular $2.99   This is another author from the Love Laughter and Happily Ever After group on Facebook, and I’ve yet to read her so thought I would grab this!
  • Stroked (Stroked #1) by Meghan Quinn — Saw this one on BookBub for free (still is) from regular $5 (ish) and I had recently read this review from My Tiny Obsessions, so I was convinced to give it a try!
  • This is INDIE: Winter 2017 — This is a cool new catalogue thingie that’s trying to mimick those sneak peek things that publishers do, but for popular Indie authors.  It’s not a book per say so much as a listing of upcoming or recently released books, where to buy them, sometimes early cover reveals, or exclusive excerpts.  I had to wait a bit for it to go free for me in Canada, and there’s another one that I’m still waiting to go free (This is Romance), but I thought I should check it out!  It’s always free now that the price has adjusted.  Check out the This is Indie/This is Romance page on Facebook for more information.

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