Promise Me by Vivian Wood

33013742Blurb: Violet Shaw. My Vi.

I made her a promise a long time ago, and she thinks I broke it. But I never stopped loving her. I never will.

I was fool four years ago. I threw what we had away, thinking it was for her own good. No girl should have to wait around for a soldier that might never come home.

Everyday I thought about her; I fought to come back to her.

Now that I’m back in our hometown, I see her everywhere, as curvaceous and tempting as ever. But all she’s doing is pushing me away.

I was her first and I want to be her last.

I just need one chance.

I threw what we had away once — I won’t make that mistake again. Vi is going to be mine.



2.5 stars

I don’t see what this cover has to do with the story.  And frankly, it irritates me now. He has tattoos, so what?  That is not indicative of anything really.  And why is the woman not represented?  And why is he shirtless?  Not the reason I chose the book and a strike against it after reading it and knowing it has nothing to do with the characters.

The book was ok. I really did not like how much his leaving affected her.  It was like she put too much value on what everyone else thought and allowed it to color her own view of herself.  While I don’t mind a weak female lead, I do expect there to be some kind of growth in regards to that.

But there didn’t seem to be.  She seemed to care even more about what everyone else thought.  And instead of standing up for herself, she retreated almost every time.  The only one she did stand up to was the male. I can’t even remember his name.  He chased her and she repeatedly turned him down.  It got old pretty fast.

I did’t really feel their connection or chemistry.  And I found him a bit overbearing in his pursuit of her.  Plus his backstory was wholly unbelievable.  It just wasn’t my cup of tea.

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