We’ve MOVED!!!

Hello dear Celebrity Readers…uh, readers?  Fans?  Followers?  We’ve decided to embrace the world of more options (prettier themes! access to javascript and plugins! LINK UPS!, finally obtaining the domain celebrityreaders.com!) and have moved away from the free wordpress.com to wordpress.org.  If you’re currently a follower of this site, I will be migrating you to the new site, but unless you subscribed via email, wordpress says you may not receive emails anymore…it might only appear in your reader.  So I’m not sure if there’s a setting for you to switch on or what, but I just wanted to let you officially know about the move so hopefully you won’t miss us!

COME!  JOIN US!!!  Click here to go to the shiny new site!

And thank you for all your support so far, and hopefully your continued fandom!


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