Welcome to our little corner of the blogosphere!  We’re a couple of off-beat characters who share a love of reading… and I mean a SERIOUS love of reading.  Celebrity Readers was created so that two superfans could share that love with the world in our own unique and crazy ways.

For now our page is going to remain a place for us to share whichever books we come across!  So at this time we will not be accepting requests for reviews from outside sources (though we may occasionally come across a netgalley book we can’t resist).

Now to introduce the Celebrity Readers!

Curly Carla

11802752_10205977821302451_351943845682839123_oI’m totally new to the blogging deal, so bear with me on this ‘about’ section.  I hail from the lovely San Francisco Bay Area and I met Lenore when I joined a street team that she is on. From there our joy of reading blossomed into a wonderful friendship.  I love most genre’s, my favorite being science fiction/fantasy adventure and all the subgenre’s they include.  I’m a sucker for great dialogue and most books I read tend to have a bit or romance in them.  In addition to being a reader, I’m part of several street teams and sometimes I’m asked to beta-read for my favorite authors, which always makes me feel super special.  Oh yeah, I am also a full-time daily grinder, wife, college student and mother to a future hair-stylist. (At least that’s what the kid decided today)


img_8187_0I’m a certified Trophy Wife (it’s on my LinkedIn profile) living in Western Canada, spending my days getting lost in the pages of a good book.  My reading obsession started at an early age (from BSC to my Mom’s Danielle Steele books to Harlequins), and it has only grown more out of hand with the purchase of my first kindle in 2011.  I love a wide range of books, but in general they all share one common trait: at least a hint of romance.  While I tend to be up for anything, I seem to lack enthusiasm for historical books… apparently I need a somewhat modern (or futuristic) setting to really grab my attention.  I’ve had the privilege of beta reading for numerous extraordinary authors, and I consider it my small claim to fame when I’m mentioned in the acknowledgements of a book.  I am sooooo excited to be sharing this adventure with Ms. Curly Carla, she is my perfect partner in crime!

Note: I tend to tag every book review with both an age and a genre.  I am weird in that I don’t see Young Adult and New Adult as genres, but ages.  And for me, personally, those ages indicate the ages of the characters, not the reader.  So a Young Adult book may have sex in it, though I will tend to try to tag those as Mature Young Adult.  Just wanted to clarify in case anyone was confused by my tags. (I’m also fairly strict in what I classify as New Adult, so that may catch people offguard as well).

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    • Thanks Jen!! A street team is a group of people that helps support an author in whatever way that author wants — usually by helping promote that author, and even sometimes by providing behind the scenes feedback.

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