Level Up: A Geek Romance Rom Com by Cathy Yardley

Level upBlurb: Geeky introvert Tessa Rodriguez will do whatever it takes to get promoted to video game engineer– including create a fandom-based video game in just three weeks. The only problem is, she can’t do it alone. Now, she needs to strong-arm, cajole, and otherwise socialize with her video game coworkers, especially her roommate, Adam, who’s always been strictly business with her. The more they work together, though, the closer they get…

Adam London has always thought of his roomie Tessa as “one of the guys” until he agreed to help her with this crazy project. Now, he’s thinking of her all the time… and certainly as something more than just a roommate! But his last girlfriend broke up with him to follow her ambitions, and he knows that Tessa is obsessed with getting ahead in the video game world.

Going from friends to something more is one hell of a challenge. Can Tessa and Adam level up their relationship to love?




Now Harold flushed, anger in his eyes.  “Who the fuck are you?”

“I’m Tessa,” she said.  “I’m a friend of these girls.  And I could ask who the fuck you are, coming over here, trying to be intimidating, and throwing your pitiful masculinity around like it’s something to be either proud of or afraid of, which is a joke.  Since you obviously can’t threaten anybody physically–I’m fairly certain Hailey here could pound you into a crimson stain on the pavement in a hot minute–you’re trying to overcompensate by making veiled sexual and financial threats, acting like homosexuality is somehow an insult, and basically being an asshole.”

Harold was staring at her.  So were the girls. Hell, so was he.

“I could ask who the fuck you are,” she repeated, with a smaile as sharp as a razor, “but I’ve known a million guys just like you, and frankly, I just don’t care.”

“You couldn’t even handle a man like me.” he spat out.

“Please.  the only sizeable thing on you is your inferiority complex,” she shot back.  “So why don’t you use that needle dick of yours as a compass, and find the door?”

5 Stars!!!!  AND ITS FREE!!!!

I Floved this book! The cover has such relevance to the story and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen a cover that had nothing to do with the story so this one is a favorite for me.  This book is diverse and touches on sexist issues.


Tessa is like the ultimate geeky fangirl.  She is a coder, which, we already know is difficult for a woman working in a male dominated field.  She is a bit of an introvert so she has two things working against her in this field.  But she is also fiercely competitive, passionate about her friends, and she isn’t afraid to stand up for herself or others.  She references some of my favorite fandoms too so shes extra cool in my book.  (DW, Sherlock, Firefly to name a few) Honestly, I don’t know if the show they reference in the book (Mystics) is a real series, but if it is I want to see it.  She’s a bit of an outcast because she is the only female in her family that doesn’t want the ‘conventional’ life.  While her sisters are having kids and starting families, she is focusing on her career.  Tessa is a self aware woman.  She knows her worth and what she is capable of and refuses to settle.  In a career made up of mostly guys, she gives as good as she gets. And I admire her greatly for not quitting.

Now to Adam, Oh man! I really thought Adam was gonna be shy and let her take the lead, and he did for the most part.  But he surprised me in the bedroom.  It was like when the sun goes down, a whole ‘nother Adam came out to play.  He was a bit agressive in his pursuit.  It was pretty hot.  He also really respected the fact that she wanted to get the job on her own merits and not have her gender be a factor for or against her.  I really liked that about him cause he didn’t try to swoop in and save her even though he wanted to. And he even asked her a few times if he could help her, so for him to ask without just going ahead and doing it showed me the kind of character he was ya know. He respected her choices and her decisions without trying to persuade her or minimize her contribution.  Which, we all have had happen to us at some point or another.  He just had this really great balance of shyness and masculinity.

I really like this book.  Sidenote: The side charcaters are fricking hilarious.

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Dark, Sexy Knight by Katy Regnery

dark sexy nightBlurb: Loosely inspired by the legend of Camelot, Dark Sexy Knight tells the story of dinner theater knight Colt Lane, who meets down-on-her-luck Verity Gwynn on the worst day of her life. Evicted from their home, Verity and her special-needs brother, Ryan, must find jobs or risk being separated. Colt, who is the furthest-possible thing from a white knight in real life, comes to their unlikely rescue, quickly cementing his place in Verity’s heart.

Colt has dark, deeply buried secrets that keep his smile hidden and his eyes down, which has kept people away . . . until he meets Verity, who seems immune to his gruff manners and taciturn ways. The more time Colt spends with her, the more he longs for her sweetness in his life and yearns to be the knight in shining armor she so desperately needs. Certain he will lose her if she learns the truth about his past, he must decide if he can trust her with his yesterday in order to build a beautiful tomorrow.



2.5 Stars 4557797_orig

This book is loosely based off the legend Camelot. And I don’t really know the legend of Camelot very well.  The only thing I remember is the queen fell in love with the knight and the king found out.  At any rate, this book had a lot of great steamy sex scenes.

I don’t know for some reason the story line for me jumped the shark when they had unprotected sex.  A lot of the things were exaggerated, like his size and her innocence. I just, I mean I liked the sex scenes.  Honestly that’s all I liked was the sex scenes.

Wait, no that’s not true.

I was intrigued with Colt’s chronic impulse control disorder and how he dealt with it, or didn’t deal with it I should say.  And how they both cared for their mentally disabled family members.  I got to see into a different lifestyle that I am unfamiliar with so that was an educating experience for me.

But other than that, the story itself just wasn’t that good for me.  Verity relied on the kindness of others a lot.  It was almost as if she equated someone being kind to her meaning that they loved her.  At least that’s how it came across to me.  Maybe I’m wrong, Maybe I’m just too much of a hard-ass to see the real love story in this book. I just found Verity to be too innocent for my tastes.

Especially with regards to her being a guardian.  As a guardian, I felt that she have been more responsible.  Especially after that first act of harassment at the workplace.  She should have reported him right away and had the appropriate disciplinary action taken.  She should never have allowed him to keep working there.  Her ignorance was just fricking annoying.

And the reasoning behind his falling in love with her just seemed too easy for me.  He seemed to  like the fact that she was vulnerable and that she needed him.  Two things that to me shouldn’t be a reason to be attracted to someone.  It would definitely be a reason you would want to help them.  But it kinda seemed a bit predatory to me.  I just don’t see that attraction.

It didn’t make sense to me at all. He is an asshole to everyone else but you.  that really doesn’t change the fact that he is an asshole. Other than that, the story was kinda one dimensional and flat for me.

The only saving grace of this story are the sex scenes. I’m really disappointed actually. The villian’s were great, the miscommunication was lame.  Her reaction and not trusting him, I thought was incredibly childish and immature. Then her not leaving when she was told to leave was stubborn and irresponsible for a guardian.  Again, she was just too immature for me.  She just wasn’t adult enough to be in relationship where they lived together and she was the responsible for the well being of someone who couldn’t take care of themself.

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Beyond What Is Given by Rebecca Yarros

26128190Lt. Grayson Masters is focused on graduating the Apache helicopter course, and the last thing he needs is his gorgeous new roommate Samantha Fitzgerald distracting him. While her smart mouth and free spirit are irresistibly irritating, he can’t deny their off-the-charts chemistry, no matter how hard he tries.

Having just been expelled from college, Sam has no business digging for Grayson’s secrets while she’s hiding her own, but that doesn’t stop her from trying to tear down his walls. Each barrier she busts through drops one of her own, though, and she’s not prepared for the truth: another woman laid claim to Grayson’s heart long ago.

Falling in love is something neither Grayson nor Sam can afford, and when that line is crossed and secrets are exposed, they’ll learn that sometimes it’s the answered prayers that will put you through hell.

images     scr2557-proj697-a-kindle-logo-w-rgb-lg

My Review:
3.5 stars — Hmmm…another hard one for me to pin down on how exactly I feel.  I think I wanted to love it so much that my initial thought was 4 stars.  But when I actually sat down to think about it, I just wasn’t as drawn into the story as I was with the first 2 books.  I really love Ms. Yarros’s writing, and that was still exceptional in this book.  My problem is that there was just too much going on, I didn’t like all the bits of drama, and while I wanted to root for Sam and Grayson, I also wanted to smack them sometimes.

The thing is, I didn’t quite get the initial chemistry.  OK, yes, I get initial attraction and they had it by the boatloads.  But that’s just not enough.  For Grayson to behave so differently, I guess I wanted something more concrete that attracted him to her.  And yeah, I guess there was her fiery personality and all that, but I just felt like I was told a bit more than shown in this case…but maybe I was just too distracted while reading this and so I missed something.

I enjoyed both Grayson and Sam, but holy shit there was a lot going on in the background of their love story.  And in the end, it kind of detracted from it.  I guess it would have been ok if they’d been able to get past the issues, but the same ones kept cropping up over and over again.  And I think both Sam *and* Grayson were to blame.  Sam really didn’t put a lot of faith in Grayson, but at the same time a part of me understood where she was coming from…I guess I just wanted her to grow up and learn and trust and just , well, *grow* a bit quicker than she did.  But another part of me understood that her reactions were very human.  And Grayson…oh that boy.  He suffered from that same affliction of humanitis…making silly choices sometimes and not learning from them.  It was hard to watch him hold onto that guilt for so long.  I got it initially, but after awhile even a stupid person would let that shit go.

And I wasn’t too bothered by the Grace storyline per say.  It was a bit obvious where it was going to go, so I can’t say I was surprised with some of the twists therein.  It was mostly just a frustrating wrench that lasted a lot longer as a plot device than I was expecting.  I will say I didn’t see Parker’s reveal coming AT ALL.  And in some ways it made me understand her a bit more.  She was still a bitch, but at least I could understand how she got to that place, so I kind of appreciated that.

And quite frankly that was enough.  Heck, then we still had Sam’s issues to deal with.  They kind of got relegated to the backburner, and really didn’t feel necessary to the story or Sam’s growth.  Maybe bits of it, but it was a bit too much for me.

AND THEN you had Grayson’s issues with his Dad and the helicopter pilot stuff (this is me trying not to be spoilery).  I was actually initially intrigued by this b/c I felt something in Eyes Turned Skyward that made me curious about Grayson and his studying habits, and it was yet another little side plot that felt thrown in.  I, personally, would have LOVED more attention on this issue.  But with everything else going on, it felt awkward and didn’t really fit.  So in the end, I would have cut it out completely.

So yeah.  All that.  We have this great little romance with two characters with great chemistry, and it just got sooooo bogged down with everything else.  I would have enjoyed the story a lot more if it could have been pared down a bit.  I will say that I was starting to give up on our characters, despite some of their sweet moments, and then we got that ending.  Grayson came through for me (and Sam).  And that’s what is bumping it up a half star.  But after writing this all out, I have a feeling I’ll still be rounding down.  It was a good book, but I think it could have been soooooo much better.  Ah well.


On Higher Ground by Melissa Collins

on higher groundBlurb: When there’s no peace after war…
When there’s no solace after death…
When there’s only pain and suffering…
Anxiety and loss…
All you can hope to find is something more…
Something that makes you whole and complete
Something that puts you
On Higher Ground





3 stars

Can I just throw out there how much I love this cover!

I loved the first book in this series. Let me first start off with, this book had no plot.  At all.  It was just a year in the life of them, and their transition from a new couple to moving on in their relationship. Going from the honeymoon phase into really starting to begin their lives.  Getting married, buying a house, establishing their careers.  You know, normal things that occur in real life.

And I enjoyed it. Even though there was no point to the story at all. I still loved it. Although I do want to point out that while Melissa Collins is a great author, this book had way too many sex scenes in it.

Wait, what? Is there such a thing you ask?  Yes.  There is.  Coming from me that’s probably weird but hear me out.  There comes a point in time in a book where the sex becomes a plot device or a trope. And it kinda felt that way about half way through the book.  Every time she did one of those wonderful sex scenes it just started feeling a bit monotonuous after a while.  It was like, “I know, I get it, they’re gonna have sex again.”

For me it was more about the non-sexual or non-physical in their relationship.  At this point they were dealing with Dax’s PTSD, the adoption process and how they were percieved being a married gay couple.  Dax’s accomplishments with training dogs and helping other vets like himself.  They just had so much more going on emotionally that I was looking forward to reading.

And she touched on a lot of those issues.  They were just broken up by these multiple sex scenes that seemed to take away from the power of those experiences for me.  That’s really the only negative that I have.  I don’t even care that there was no plot. I have no problem with that at all.

Other than that the story was really good. It had a lot of hope.  You could see a lot of what they went through as a married couple, I totally understood.  It paralled real life really well. So go read it!

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The Handoff by Jordan Ford

30231314It’s nearly spring break. Mack is leaving for New Zealand to win back his girl and he asks Finn to do him a favor—keep an eye on his little sister, Layla. Finn has his reservations about the party girl, but he isn’t about to let one of his best friends down, so he agrees. Unfortunately for him, he has no idea what he’s getting into…or the effect this dynamic beauty will have on him.

Layla Mahoney likes to party. It’s the only sure-fire medicine for helping her forget the fact that her father’s dead and a new guy has taken his place. But when she’s drunk, Layla has a big mouth…and the wrong friends. Unable to remember what she’s been up to at her various parties, Layla falls into a nasty trap. Thanks to some compromising photographs, Layla is now under the thumb of the person she hates most in this world—her stepbrother, Derek. With Mack gone, she’s forced to turn to someone who’s always kept his distance, a good guy who has never had time for her partying ways. Letting Finn in on her dark and dirty secrets is something she never planned to do, but his tender strength and quiet protection draws it out of her, creating a bond between them that neither saw coming…and a whirlwind of problems that they’ll only survive if they stick together.

images     scr2557-proj697-a-kindle-logo-w-rgb-lg

My Review:
4 stars — I received a free copy from the author in exchange for an honest and unbiased review/opinion.

FINN!!!!  I’ve been so looking forward to this story, even though I was leery of the b*tchy Layla.  And this book definitely did not disappoint!  Finn was every bit the sweetheart that I knew he was from the previous two books (most especially The Playmaker) and Layla of course had a lot more going on than met the eye.

I appreciated that Finn was consistent with the little bits that we had learned about him in the previous books — laid back, calm, peacekeeping, thoughtful, and sweet.  It was nice to see a bit more of what else was going on with him, looking to his future and seeing how he was going to miss his friends and such.  I almost wish we could have delved a bit more into his character and what was going on with him, but there really was so much going on in the Layla storyline that I think it would have felt like too much then.  I guess I just love Finn so much that I wanted more more more of him.  Can you blame me??  And it wasn’t like he was perfect — he did judge Layla initially, he just generally reserved his judgement more than others did.  I did love that you got to see his family life and that he had such a wonderful support system at home.  It really spoke to how he became the man that he was.  His Mom was definitely a standout secondary character in this book.

Layla’s story was definitely heartbreaking.  If you thought you hated Derek before this, just wait.  Layla’s kind of a complicated character, b/c Ms. Ford has to balance what we know of her previously with making her a likeable character.  And she mostly succeeds.  Sometimes I was a bit disbelieving of her internal thoughts, but that could be just my cynical self.  Like I wish there was more internal conflict over how she treats other people (like Tori), the little bit we did get kind of felt thrown in.  I wanted to know how she saw her friends (Roxy and Michelle), or see an honest to god change in her demeanor as she was faced with how she treated other people.  But that didn’t really happen.  In the end, it would have made the story really jam packed as well, but I just felt like there were opportunities missed…so I’m a bit torn on her.  The parts of her we see with her drinking and wanting to escape felt very authentic though.  And my heart broke for the situations she found herself in.  I hope we find out more about what happened at that party in the final book though, b/c I feel like there’s so much of the story still missing there.

What stood out to me in this book was the strong connection that forms between Finn and Layla while she’s sick.  I really felt that all the way to my bones.  My heart seriously just broke at the things she reveals to Finn during those weak moments (about how she sees herself), and that’s where I think the story really shines.  I still felt the love was a bit fast, but I was willing to accept that the connection was definitely there and strong.  You could really feel how much they had grown to understand one another and care for one another.  Because I was so sucked into their new connection, I was kind of disappointed when the next chapter would start and a week would have gone by.  A part of me felt like I missed out on an opportunity to see more of them together, but I think I’m just greedy.

And while this was an interracial romance, it really didn’t play a major part in the storyline (minus a comment from Derek that felt thrown in).  I loved how normal it was.

The climax of the story had all the feels and had me on the edge of my seat.  I’m definitely looking forward to the final book in the series, even if I will be sad to see these characters go.  Ms. Ford does a great job of representing a lot of different YA stories and characters and the struggles they go through.


Undeniable by Cherie M. Hudson

25786138.jpgSit still for a moment. Close your eyes. Listen. Just listen. What do you hear? When I do that, I hear … fuzz. Okay, not really fuzz, but it’s hard to explain what I hear. Put your hands over your ears. Hear that? That’s kind of like what I hear, but not really …

I feel sound. Does that make sense? Being deaf in one ear and partially deaf in the other sucks. People think I’m dumb. I’m not dumb. I just can’t hear you. I’ve worked out however, people thinking you’re dumb actually works to your advantage. When people think you’re dumb, they don’t expect anything from you. And when they don’t expect anything from you, you don’t have to engage with them. I’m okay with that.

So why the hell is my sister’s boyfriend’s cousin, an annoying Australian named Caden, so adamant he wants to talk to me? I can’t work out if he’s laughing at me, or if he can see what I can see … the world is worth laughing at. What kind of name is Caden any way?

I also can’t work out why, for the first time ever, I wish I could truly hear the way normal people do. Surely it has nothing to do with the fact I wonder what his heart would sound like beating in his chest if I lay my head on it. I can’t work it out and I don’t like it.

Damn it.

images     scr2557-proj697-a-kindle-logo-w-rgb-lg

My Review:
3.5 stars — I received a free copy through NetGalley in exchange for an honest and unbiased review/opinion.

Hmmmm…well, this book had its good moments, but overall I was underwhelmed.  I have read the first book in this series, but haven’t read the 2nd one yet.  After reading this 3rd book, I will say that I bet you would get a lot more out of this book if you had read the 2nd one though.  It appears that we meet our 2 MCs in the 2nd book and they interact enough in that book that the hero falls in love with the heroine.  So we start this book without that history, and I think that was a detriment to this story.  I missed out on those first interactions, and so maybe I would have already been rooting for this couple, you know?  As it stands, we just start the book and he’s already in love with her, but we don’t really know why or feel that connection and chemistry.

And I will say that I felt like the book was a bit repetitive at times.  Like the book starts off with both characters talking to the reader and telling them things (like Chase telling us why she is writing off Caden, etc).  And maybe I was just tired and slow, but I’m sure they repeated things multiple times and I was like “you told us that already”.  Maybe it was a stylistic thing, but it didn’t work for me.

As far as characters go, Caden was uber adorable and sweet and easy to fall for.  Add to his awesome personality his love of animals, and I was hooked on him.  It sort of felt like we just skimmed the surface of the things he was dealing with compared with the angst that was Chase, and I kind of wanted to dive into more of him (maybe have him confess to her why he uses humour in tough situations).

Chase, on the other hand, was harder to fall for.  I enjoyed her perspective on being hard of hearing and my heart broke for her at times with the way she was treated (most especially by her father) because of her disability.  But I felt like her attachment to Donald the Dick and that whole sideplot interfered with the love story, and I just stopped feeling any empathy for her character b/c it didn’t feel as authentic anymore that she wouldn’t figure things out.  I get how she got into that relationship in the first place, and I get why she was messed up after it, but still being drawn to him?  Especially after she established a connection with Caden?  Yeah, sympathy lost.

So in the end I’m a bit bummed b/c I absolutely ADORED the first book.  I have a feeling I’d like the 2nd book, so I still have it on my wishlist, but this book just didn’t give me enough to love.  I was also in this weird mode where I was expecting something sinister to happen with either Donald or Doofus, but it didn’t play that way and I’m not sure if that was just my overactive imagination or weird cues from the book.


Pride: A bad boy and amish girl romance by Sienna Valentine

prideBlurb: Three brothers with a bad reputation and three Amish girls. What could possibly go wrong?

It all started when my brother Ash proposed a bet…

Just an innocent bet. Okay, well, maybe a bet to rob the three most virtuous girls in town of their purity isn’t exactly innocent itself, but there’s no way we could have known how it would all turn out. How much trouble it would bring.

But what the hell were an Amish girl and her sisters doing in the middle of Bright Falls, anyway? I mean, it seemed almost too easy. She was a sheep and I was the wolf, and it was time for me to feast.

I’m one of the Brody Bunch, after all. Middle brother of three with a reputation for being a bad ass that came from more than just the fact that my father ran the biggest MC around for years before landing himself in prison. Sarah is the complete opposite not only of me, but of everything I’ve ever known. She was supposed to just be a conquest, an easy one, even, given how innocent she was.

How the hell was I to know that getting involved with her would change my whole goddamn world?





4 Stars

The only things that really bugged me about this book was the fact that it was a short story.  Now, I don’t have anything against them, but when my kindle shows it at 50% and then ‘Bam!’ it ends, then yeah, I get a bit pissy about it.

The other thing that bothered me was I was hoping to learn some things about Amish folks I didn’t already know.  But I didn’t learn anything new.  *sigh* Rumspringa? Check. Amish people don’t use electricity? Check. Bearded men are married? Check. I mean, I’ve watched Amish Mafia, I see how they drive buggy’s and only wear certain colors. And I know they speak dutch and are very devout.  This is all nothing new. I was hoping for more though.

Still, the author did a great job of describing what the English world was like for an Amish girl who had never left her farm.  THAT was some great writing. How the sights and the noise affected her was wonderfully described.  And how she felt about being in a sinful world gave some insight into a devout woman’s thinking. How she dealt with what she felt she needed to do and what she wanted to do was a great piece of conflict that I just ate up.  The road to Hell and all that jazz.

The ‘so-called’ bad boy had a heart of fricking gold.  He was definitely paying for his fathers sins in this story.  He totally didn’t deserve it.  Other than his promiscous ways, he was an absolute doll. His vocabulary was so intricate, I know that makes no sense, but it was.  He said things I wouldn’t expect a ‘bad boy’ to say.  And it didn’t seem out of character to me.

I think I like this story so much because its an opposites attract love story.  My husband and I are opposites,  I have no idea how we make it work, but it does. So ultimately that is what made the story believable to me.

This book is only $.99. It’s worth a shot.  Although its very graphic so if you don’t read that type of stuff, I’d pass if I were you.

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Smart, Sexy and Secretive by Tammy Falkner

CaptureBlurb: Emily

I’m back in New York, ready to start my brand new life with Logan. Things are still up in the air between us, and it has been three months since I’ve even talked to him. But there’s one thing I’m certain of — I can’t live without him.


I need her like I need air. But now she’s back, and her dad and her ex-boyfriend are conspiring to keep us apart. We can do this, though. Can’t we? We can make this work? We have to, because I can’t imagine my life without her.





Diverse Read



One of my favorite series of all time.This is my third or fourth time reading it.  First of all, I love the obstacles that are in this couples way. It’s not something that is perceived, they are very tangible and constant.  Emily’s dyslexia and her parents perception that since she learns differently that she can’t learn at all; So they try to make her a trophy wife and pop out babies, which is very 1950’s and as a feminist I am suuuuper offended, but whatever, moving on

Well, we all know what happens when you try to fit a round peg in a square hole right?  Give the readers a medal, you are correct! It doesn’t fit!

Logan’s obvious obstacles would be the fact that he is deaf and he’s not rich.  The father’s approval is wanted but not given. He’s gotta work hard for it.  I personally don’t think his being deaf is a true obstacle in this book. I think mainly the poor thing is more of a disadvantage considering that those are different socioeconomical classes and people have been having issues with that for ages.

The way they were so steadfast in their determination to remain together, they didn’t waver.  There was no wishy-washiness of the love that they felt for each other.  And thats what really drew me to it.  A lot of books show the emotional strength wavers, it gets chipped away by outside sources and people start to doubt.  But there was none of that in this book.  It was solid in regards to their relationship to each other, once they were committed to each other, that was it. Do not pass go, do not collect 100 dollars.

I would definitely recommend this series to anyone and everyone. The first one is FREE!

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Return to Kadenburg by T.E. Ridener

return to kadenburgBlurb: With four missing persons and witnesses who refuse to talk, Kadenburg’s sheriff finds himself in a bind on what to do. Swallowing his pride and biting the figurative bullet, he calls for back-up. His son, 29 year old Rutley Holter hesitantly returns to town to rejoin the family business; hunting werewolves.

Rutley never intended to return to Kadenburg, but it soon becomes personal when he discovers his best friend was murdered by the sniveling mutts his father believes to be responsible for the disappearance of Lorcan Bamey, Presley Goult, Greg Kress, and Dimitri Fridolf.

While searching for familiar faces, Rutley has a chance encounter, and consciously rescues, the one thing he was raised to kill; Dimitri the werewolf. It isn’t long before he begins to experience an inner battle of loyalty and the line between right and wrong start to blur.

Being threatened by Breslin Connor is the least of Lorcan and Presley’s worries. As they struggle to find normalcy in an incredibly extraordinary town, they will come face to face with demons from their pasts and ponder over an uncertain future. Will their love for one another truly conquer all?

New characters and adventures will emerge in book 2 of the Kadenburg Shifters Series. Prepare yourself for laughter, tears, and nail-biting suspense as you re-enter the most magical little town in Tennessee.

Welcome back.



Diverse Read!



I loved this book more than the first one, which gives me high hopes for the next one.

This book was action packed from beginning to end.  I never got bored and I was able to keep up with all the new players coming into the game.  So much happens in such a short amount of time I’m quite surprised I was able to keep track of it all.

Rutley (what a name) is my favorite. He has such inner torment that you can’t help but want to hug and squeeze his guilt away.  I think he also has the most happen to him and the most growth.  I mean, come on, what would you do if you went against everything you were raised to believe and then felt as if you betrayed the only one of your friends who accepted you with no reservations?

I know right?

The author did this thing were almost each story had it’s chance in the spotlight and not one got more attention than the other.  It was pretty cool to read how they intertwined together as a whole.  They were separate but equal.

Miss Ridener write love interests very well.  Her steamy scenes are passionate and tasteful. (not that I mind erotica)

How can this book only have 26 reviews!!!!!!  Go read this series now!

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#Rev by Cambria Hebert

This is book 2 in the Gearshark series.  See my review for book one, #Junkie.

28802913Trent Mask puts the REV in revolution.

A line has been drawn.

Indie vs Pro

Here at GearShark, we’re straddling that line to bring you exclusive coverage of what some have dubbed the war of racing.
Every war starts with a spark and ends in revolution.
Drew Forrester was the spark,
but his second-in-command is the REVolution.

What does it take to stand brave in the face of opposition?

resolve of steel…

Stubborn will…

And a heart that refuses to give up.

It isn’t just the drivers in this war.
The revolution is about more than just racing.
It’s about shattering labels and taking risks.

So we asked Trent Mask: Truth or Dare?

His answer?


Check out the full feature article inside…

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My Review:
5 stars — I honestly don’t know how I resisted reading this right away when it was released.  #Junkie (book one) was one of my first 5 star reads of 2016, and I was salivating waiting for book 2 to be released.  But I had other reading priorities to take care of, so when those were finally accomplished, I pounced on this book so hard, and it was so damn satisfying of a conclusion!!!  There’s always that worry that the book might not live up to its predecessor, but that was wholeheartedly not the case for this series.  Trent and Drew were just everything I had expected of them and grown to love in both #Junkie and the Hashtag series that inspired this spinoff.

Heck, I’m even actually excited for more from this series, even though it won’t be about Trent and Drew!!!  Ms. Hebert knows how to suck you into a world and give you a taste of characters to come.  I mean, she actually made Lorhaven intriguing and not just a dick.  Yup, I was surprised too.

You know what I appreciated about this book?  That it wasn’t some fairytale where everyone reacted in the right way to their relationship.  B/C that’s just not realistic yet.  And it was heartbreaking to watch Trent and Drew deal with those hardships, but it made their love story so much more impactful.  And yes, they had a lot of good experiences too, but I’m totally ok with that.  It had a great balance.

Basically I finished this book with a huge smile on my face.  Normally I have a lot more to say, but this was just my kind of book in so many ways, and it was like reading book candy for me.  Makes me want to go back and reread the Hashtag series too and then reread this again.  It’s like a delicious guilty pleasure.  Can’t wait for Utopia to snag me some signed copies of these books.