Review Requests

As of October 30th, 2015:

At this time we will not be accepting requests for reviews from outside sources.  And yes, we do realize it is weird to have a page about review requests that basically states that we do not accept them, but we wanted inquiring authors to have an easy place to look for our policy.

We’re just a new blog starting out, trying to figure out our time constraints and what we want out of this adventure.  And since we both have HUGE TBR piles, and we occasionally can’t help ourselves from signing up for ARCs all on our own (either through netgalley or sign up sheets), we figured we’d hold off on adding more to our pile for now.  However, if we reevaluate and decide to take on requests for reviews, we will update this policy and likely announce it on our corresponding Facebook page.  But there are no definitive plans at the moment of this writing.  🙂

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