Top Ten Book Boy/Girl Crushes

Top Ten Tuesday
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Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish in which you make a list of ten to do with a certain topic.  This week’s topic is “Top Ten Book Boyfriends/Girlfriends (Which characters do you have crushes on?)”

Curly Carla’s Top Ten:

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  1. Red Rising (Red Rising #1) by Pierce Brown. Darrow, dear god, this kid has got some fierce love and loyalty for Eo.
  2. Imperfect Chemistry (Imperfect #1) by Mary Frame. I love nerdy romances.
  3. The Collectors Society‘ (The Collectors’ Society #1) by Heather Lyons. Finn is such a sweet yet deep soul. And I loves him.
  4. Broken Skies (Broken Skies #1) by Theresa Kay. Lir is hawt!
  5. The Hard Count by Ginger Scott. Nico’s smarts are super attractive and his intensity is… well intense.
  6. The Faerie Prince (Creepy Hollow #2) by Rachel Morgan. I’ve re-read this series so many times! It’s one of my favorite series of all times. Ryn goes from enemy to lover in this one. In such a slow simmering way. ::swoon::
  7. Anti-Stepbrother by Tijan. I love Caden! He goes from friend to lover.
  8. Shacking Up by Helena Hunting. Bane is an exception to my usual resistance to adonis’ comparisons.
  9. Desire (Brightest Kind Of Darkness #4) by P.T. Michelle OMG Ethan! He is so sensual and sexy. ::fans self:: Seriously, everyone should read this series!
  10. Neanderthal Seeks Human (Knitting in the City #1) by Penny Reid. Did I mention I love nerdy romances?

Lenoreo’s Top Ten:

So we actually did a Top Ten Fictional Crushes in 2016, and I could have listed those all again and again.  But I kind of wanted to avoid repeats…so I’m pulling out some more recent favourite book boys, *and* adding a couple book girls for this one.  Basically I just searched the blog for “book boyfriend” and “girl crush”.  😛  (also, totally ditto Lir and Nico from Curly Carla’s list)


    1. Tom from If Ever by Angie Stanton.  “Tom was RIDICULOUSLY swoon.  Like, added to my top book boyfriends list swoon.  Like, I had tummy tingles almost from their first interactions.  And he was more of a beta boy, and you know how I love me a beautiful beta boy!!  I loved that he was technically the celebrity, but he was really very down to earth, humble, and at times insecure.  If you couldn’t tell, I ADORED him.”
    2. Casey from In Your Dreams by Ginger Scott.  “Casey just may be the most surprising book boyfriend on my list, he won me over hook, line and sinker, even despite his flaws.”
    3. Esben from 180 Seconds by Jessica Park.  “I really expected a much different hero after reading the blurb and seeing social media star, and the glimpse we get before the experiment.  My preconceived notions were blown away.  He made me feel so many emotions all on his own, and he is totally my kind of book boyfriend material.  I want an Esben.”
    4. Aaron from Pillowtalk by Cassie Mae.  “And hoo boy, Aaron is MEGA book boyfriend.  Quiet, unassuming, a bit more nerdy?  DAMN.  I want him.  I do.  I want him.  And his dog, Charlie, too.  And his glasses.  GAH!”
    5. Killian from The Opposite of You by Rachel Higginson.  “He’s not my typical book boyfriend, but I’m seriously in love.  What an odd, stoic, somewhat closed off, but capable of so much feeling guy….”
    6. Cooper from Operation Prom Date by Cindi Madsen.  “And then there was Cooper.  OMG, book boyfriend city man.  He was just so sweet and thoughtful, and dealing with his own set of struggles, and just trying to survive in a way.  I loved being in his head and reading about his thoughts.”
    7. Will from Hold My Breath by Ginger Scott.  “Will.  *sigh*  Just breathe him in folks, he’s divine.  I ADORED that he wasn’t an alpha.  He wasn’t a beta necessarily, but he definitely wasn’t an alpha male.  He was just this quiet, sensitive, melt me with his thoughts kind of guy.”
    8. Sawyer from A Fine Mess by Kelly Siskind.  “I was hooked from the first Sawyer chapter.  He just has an internal dialogue that drew me like flies to sugar…moth to a flame…you know, one of those catchphrases.  And it wasn’t just his hilarious (and often horribly childish) sense of humour.  He was so vulnerable and broken and my heart just ached for him…”
    9. Sammy from Shoot the Gap by Jordan Ford.  “Sammy was the star for me.  I don’t have a lot in common with her, but I fell for her regardless.  I loved how strong she was in wanting to be who she was inside, regardless of the pressures she felt from family to be something else (more girly). … I really loved who she was and totally have a girl crush on her.  I don’t tend to get a lot of book girl crushes, so she’s in a bit of an elite club.”
    10. Sierra from Love & Music (formerly Finding the Dream) by Mia Josephs.  “I swooned all over Van (and now have a increased hankering for some ginger goodness), and I girl-crushed all over See. I’m starting to wonder if I have a thing for Sierra’s, b/c she is the 2nd Sierra that has me clamoring to be her friend.”
    11. BONUS GIRL CRUSH SHOUT OUT: My first two girl crushes ever were Hayley from Reasons I Fell for the Funny Fat Friend and Sierra from How to Seduce a Band Geek, both by Cassie Mae.  I won’t go into deetz, but if you like quirky girls, these two are amazeballs.

So who are your go to book boys and girls?  Who do you have crushes on?  Do you share the same love for some of our crushes?  If you think you’ll win in a fight with me, you might want to think again…I claim all of these.

ps – I was too lazy to link to our reviews for these books, but a good chunk of them are on the blog…search them out to hear more about these awesome books.

Top Ten(ish) Books On Our Fall TBR

Top Ten Tuesday
(Images link to Goodreads, Titles link to Amazon using Amazon Affiliate links)

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish in which you make a list of ten to do with a certain topic.  This week’s topic is “Top Ten Books On My Fall TBR List.”

Curly Carla’s Top TenFive:


  1. Cold: Essays on Love, Faith, Family and Other Dangerous Pursuits by Victoria Dougherty. This is a collection of essays that I started to read for my Read Harder challenge 2016 hosted by book riot.
  2. Scored by Sloane Howell. I got this book today from Netgalley and I can’t wait to crack this puppy open.  This will be available October 17th.
  3. Practically Imperfect (Imperfect #3) by Mary Frame.  I just got this book and plan to read it soon.
  4. Juked (Texas Mutiny #1) by M.E. Carter. This is FREE. I got this on the recommendation of Lenore, hope I like it.
  5. Win (The Atlantis Grail #3) by Vera Nazarian. A few of my book friends recommended this to me and for a while we were all reading it together, but then….I started lagging behind. Soo I hope to get back to this.

Lenoreo’s Top Ten:


  1. Unspeakable (Beyond Human #2) by Nina Croft — releases September 25th, 2017, NetGalley ARC.
  2. Fix Me Not (The Fix #2) by Carey Heywood — releases September 22nd, 2017, no pre-order link, but I’ll be one-clicking on release day.
  3. Cover Up (Skin Deep Inc. #3) by L.A. Witt — releases October 3rd, 2017, NetGalley ARC.
  4. The Princess and the Pizza Man (Destined for Love: Mansions) by Cassie Mae — releases October 3rd, 2017, ARC.
  5. Unloved by Katy Regnery — releases October 8th, 2017, I should be getting an ARC soon.  No pre-order link for Amazon.
  6. Totally His (Opposites Attract #3) by Erin Nicholas — releases October 31st, 2017, NetGalley ARC.
  7. Made for You (The Best Mistake #2) by Lauren Layne — this author is attending the Big Apple Author Event in less than a month, and I already have this in paperback, so figured I should read it before I meet her.
  8. Cuff Me (New York’s Finest #3) by Lauren Layne — ditto for this one.  I didn’t enjoy the first two in this series quite as much, but this was the one I was most anticipating, so I’m hoping I enjoy it more.
  9. The Player and the Pixie (Rugby #2) by L.H. Cosway and Penny Reid — these authors are both attending the Big Apple Author Event as well, and since Ms. Cosway won’t be at any other events I’m attending, I want to give this series another shot (since I wasn’t blown away by book one).
  10. Fake Fiancée by Ilsa Madden-Mills — another author attending the Big Apple Author Event who won’t be at other events, so I figured maybe I should get this one read in case I LOVE it.

So what are you most looking forward to reading this fall?  Have you read any of the books on our lists?

Top Ten Older Books I Forgot How Much I Liked

Top Ten Tuesday
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Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish in which you make a list of ten to do with a certain topic.  This week’s topic is “Throwback Freebie: Ten Books I Loved During The First Year I Started My Blog, Favorite Books Published 5 or 10 or 15 Years Ago, Ten Older Books I Forgot How Much I Loved, etc. etc. Tweak however you want!” I’m gonna go with ten older books I forgot how much I liked. In order from oldest pub date to most recent.

Curly Carla’s Top Ten:


  1. Lord of the Flies by William Golding. OMG, I loved this book so much! Published in 1954. I didn’t know it was that old. The ultimate book on the breakdown of government…with little kids.
  2. A Wrinkle in Time (Time Quintet #1) by Madeleine L’Engle.  Published in 1962. I read almost this entire series when I was a kid. I’m very excited to see the movie when it comes out and I will be reading this with my daughter after we finish The Chronicles of Narnia.
  3. Dragons of Autumn Twilight (Dragonlance: Chronicles #1) by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman.  Published in 1984. I have read this series more times than ANY OTHER SERIES. I could probably quote it. These books get tricky because of the time jumps and changes as the series progresses but this one was my favorite storyline.  Great series.
  4. Magic Kingdom for Sale–Sold! (Magic Kingdom of Landover #1) by Terry Brooks. First published in 1986, this author is FUNNY.
  5. Magic’s Pawn (Valdemar: The Last Herald-Mage #1) by Mercedes Lackey. Published in 1989, this was my first m/m paranormal. And it blew me away.
  6. Dawn (Cutler #1) by V.C. Andrews. Published in 1990, I’ve read all her books (and by all I mean the ones that SHE wrote), until I found out they were being ghost written then I stopped at the Landry series.
  7. Jurassic Park (Jurassic Park #1) by Michael Crichton. Published in 1990, I read this book AFTER I watched the movie and so many things were different that I vowed I would never do that again.  And I haven’t.
  8. The Great Book of Amber (The Chronicles of Amber #1-10) by Roger Zelazny. Published in 1999. Okay I cheated a little here. But I actually read this edition so I’m gonna count it as one.  I even got my husband to read it and he liked it!
  9. Uglies (Uglies #1) by Scott Westerfeld. Published in 2005. Not too long ago but I’m saving this one and a couple others for my daughter to read when she gets in high school or even junior high.  Great book.
  10. Gone (Gone #1) by Michael Grant. Published in 2008. Again, not like a super long time ago but I think it’s enough to count it. This series was a really fun read.


Top Ten Best 2017 Releases I’ve Read So Far This Year

Top Ten Tuesday
(Images link to Goodreads, Titles link to Amazon using Amazon Affiliate links)

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish in which you make a list of ten to do with a certain topic.  This week’s topic is “Best Books You’ve Read In 2017 So Far (break it down however you want — by genre, strictly 2017 releases, whatever!).”  And I’m going to narrow it down to 2017 releases only!!  In this case, the star rating will take you to my review.

Lenoreo’s Top Ten:


  1. Make Lemonade (a Hope Falls Kindle Worlds novella) by Cassie Mae — 5 stars
  2. Sweet Tea and Summer Love by Regan Claire — 4.5 stars
  3. Hot Licks (Off Beat #3) by A.M. Arthur — 4.5 stars
  4. A Boy like You (Like Us #1) and A Girl Like Me (Like Us #2) by Ginger Scott — 5 stars and 4.5 stars
  5. Operation Prom Date by Cindi Madsen — 4.5 stars
  6. The Opposite of You (Opposites Attract #1) by Rachel Higginson — 4.95 stars
  7. Pillowtalk by Cassie Mae — 4.5 stars
  8. The Bohemian and the Businessman (The Story Sisters #1) by Katy Regnery — 4.5 stars
  9. 180 Seconds by Jessica Park — 4.5 stars
  10. Paper Cranes (A Fairytale Twist Novel) by Jordan Ford — 4.5 stars

So what are the best 2017 releases you’ve read this year so far?  Or if you don’t read many new releases, what were the best books you’ve read this year so far?  Did you also fall in love with any of these babies?

Top Ten Series We’ve Been Meaning To Start But Haven’t

Top Ten Tuesday
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Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish in which you make a list of ten to do with a certain topic.  This week’s topic is “Top Ten Series I’ve Been Meaning To Start But Haven’t (topic originally done March 2013) — anyone else have a mile long list of series to start like I do??”

Curly Carla’s Top Ten:


  1. Alistair Grim’s Odditorium (Odditorium #1) by Gregory Funaro. I don’t even remember who told me about this book, but I love the cover and the blurb.
  2. The Raven Boys (The Raven Cycle Book 1) by Maggie Stiefvater. I love this cover and have heard this is a good series.
  3. #Nerd (Hashtag #1) by Cambria Hebert. Ah Lenore, she dug this series and I’m way more inclined to read books that I know my reader friends have read.
  4. How I Fall (How I Fall #1) by Anne Eliot. I remember Caylie told me I need to read these books. I own them both.
  5. Bloodlines (Bloodlines #1) by Richelle Mead. I am almost done with Vampire Academy and I love this world so….I’m a read it someday.
  6. The Secret of Ella and Micha (The Secret #1) by Jessica Sorensen. This is one of my auto click authors, although I haven’t read anything from her in a while. I own this book.
  7. Six of Crows (Six of Crows #1) by Leigh Bardugo. So many people have recommended this series!
  8. Slammed (Slammed #1) by Colleen Hoover. I own this book and need to just start it.
  9. A Court of Thorns and Roses (A Court of Thorns and Roses #1) by Sarah J. Maas. If I had a nickel for every time Caitlin asked me if I read this yet…..LOL. I really do need to check this one out.
  10. See No Evil (Brotherhood #1) by Jordan Ford. Again…Lenore. Although this cover practically calls to me.

Lenoreo’s Top Ten:

OK, so I had a hard time narrowing this down because I have a gagillion.  So I kind of picked series I’m hoping I’ll get to this year finally…mostly b/c the authors will be at events I’m planning on attending.


  1. True North series by Sarina Bowen
  2. Royally series by Emma Chase
  3. Starcrossed series by Leisa Rayven
  4. The Summer Games series by R.S. Grey
  5. Alabama Summer series by J. Daniels
  6. Elemental series by Brigid Kemmerer
  7. Fall and Rise series by Chelsea M. Cameron
  8. Rusk University series by Cora Carmack
  9. A Field Party series by Abbi Glines
  10. The Royals series by Erin Watt

So what series do you have on your TBR that you’ve been meaning to read but haven’t gotten to?  Are any of these series ones you love?

Top Ten Most Anticipated Books For The Second Half of 2017

Top Ten Tuesday
(Images link to Goodreads, Titles link to Amazon using Amazon Affiliate links)

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish in which you make a list of ten to do with a certain topic.  I’m actually not going to do this week’s topic (which is “10 Books From X Genre That I’ve Recently Added To My TBR ListI want to know what books have piqued your interest lately from whatever genre you choose!”) even though it’s cool.  But I was too lazy to do last week’s topic and I really wanted to, so I’m doing it instead: “Top Ten Most Anticipated Books For The Second Half of 2017.”

Lenoreo’s Top Ten:

I focused on books that have covers already and firm release dates, but there are other potentials that I am looking forward to as well.  Half of these I have NetGalley ARCs for, so that made it easy to pick.


  1. Hello Forever (Pay It Forward #2) by Sarina Bowen — releasing July 14th, 2017.
  2. The Flirt and the Fox (The Story Sisters #3, Blueberry Lane #16) by Katy Regnery — releasing July 23rd, 2017.
  3. The Difference Between Us (Opposites Attract #2) by Rachel Higginson — releasing July 25th, 2017.
  4. Eye Candy (Real Love #1) by Jessica Lemmon — releasing July 25th, 2017.
  5. Misconduct (Birmingham Rebels #4) by Samantha Kane — releasing July 25th, 2017.
  6. Cross Check (Bayard Hockey #2) by Kelly Jamieson — releasing July 25th, 2017.
  7. Kissing Max Holden by Katy Upperman — releasing August 1st, 2017.
  8. Ready to Run (I Do, I Don’t #1) by Lauren Layne — releasing August 22nd, 2017.
  9. Elliott Redeemed (Preload #2) by Scarlett Cole — releasing August 29th, 2017.
  10. The Saint and the Scoundrel (The Story Sisters #4, Blueberry Lane #18) by Katy Regnery — releasing September 3rd, 2017.

So what are you fair readers looking forward to in the second half of 2017?  Are any of these on your list?

Top Ten Things That Will Make Me Instantly NOT Want to Read a Book

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish in which you make a list of ten to do with a certain topic.  This week’s topic is “Top Ten Things That Will Make Me Instantly NOT Want To Read A Book (topic originally done back in 2013) — tell us all your book turn offs!”  I’m a bit late yet again…

Lenoreo’s Top Ten:

Some of these are impossible to tell unless someone spoils it in their reviews, but they still turn me off…  (And it doesn’t mean there won’t be exceptions, or I won’t be convinced to give it a try, these are just what make me NOT want to read it)

  1. CHEATING!  Yeah, I know this is hard to know beforehand, though you can guess some in the blurbs.  But if I do see any mention in a review, I’m dibs out.  It’s just hard to empathize with characters that go there.  It apparently tests my empathy gene, and I come up short.
  2. Love Triangles.  Now, don’t get me wrong, one of my favourite authors, and 2 of my favourite paranormal series by her contain major love triangles.  I will tolerate them if there’s something else bringing me in, but I’d rather avoid them.
  3. Motorcycle Club books.  I just can’t get interested in heroes that are often killers or torturers or dicks to women.  I’m sure there are exceptions, but yeah…I’m not good with unredeemable characters.
  4. Glaring mistakes in the blurb.  Yup, if an author can’t make sure that at least the blurb is typo free and with good grammar, then it doesn’t bode well for the book.
  5. The book is MEGA popular.  See, I’m a hipster.  So if the book is mega popular and I didn’t get in from the beginning, then I’m likely to NEVER read it.  I think there’s so many other great underhyped books to read.  And I’m paranoid I won’t like it as much as everyone else.  Oh, and if there’s a movie made of it, then I’ll probably watch it, the final nail in the coffin.
  6. The book is highly recommended by a good friend.  TOO MUCH PRESSURE!!!  If it’s just vaguely recommended, then sure.  Or if I’m already interested in the author, or I already have the book, then sure.  But if they’re super excited about the recommendation, I will avoid avoid avoid.  I know, it’s crazy.
  7. No romance WHATSOEVER.  Yeah, I don’t mind if it’s just a tiny hint, but I need something.
  8. Fancy flowery language.  This pretty much rules out classics, historicals, and high fantasy.  If I have to think too much about what the words are saying, then I’m out.  AND, it makes it so that I can’t relate to the characters if the dialogue is too hard to parse.  Personal quirk, I know.
  9. Flat characters.  These next two are ones that are hard to know beforehand, but that can sometimes be mentioned in reviews.  Characters are my favourite part of a book, so I need them to be multi-faceted.
  10. Miscommunication problems.  Yeah, it’s what killed my most recent read.  I HATE miscommunication problems…or at least ones that don’t get resolved in good time.

OK, so that was a wide range.  What about you guys?  What makes you instantly NOT want to read a book?

Top Ten Things That Will Make Me Instantly Want to Read a Book

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish in which you make a list of ten to do with a certain topic.  This week’s topic is “Top Ten Things That Will Make Me Instantly Want To Read A Book (topic originally done back in 2013 as top ten words/topics that will make me instantly want to read a book) — so yeah basically any topic or theme or ANYTHING (ie if X person recommends it) that will make you instantly want to pick up a book. My list will likely be called Jamie-bait because there are soooo certain things you can say in a summary or a review that will just instantly draw me to it!”  I’m a bit late, but I really wanted to do this topic!

Lenoreo’s Top Eleven:

OK, these won’t necessarily immediately make me want to read a book, but will definitely put the book on my radar every single time.  I’ll still likely read some reviews and make a final decision that way.  These probably all look like contemporary tropes, but some of them can be found in non-contemps too, I’m just such a sucker for the romance parts that those are the things that stand out.

  1. Ugly Ducklings!!!  Oh yeah baby, I LOVE me an ugly duckling book.  By that I mean a heroine (or hero if it’s an M/M book) who feels ugly and overlooked.  Low self-esteem, yes please!  I know that sounds horrible, but what can I say, it’s easy to relate to.  BONUS points if the heroine doesn’t go through some stupid makeover or plastic surgery that makes her traditionally beautiful, but rather that the hero just *sees* the beauty she always had.  This one’s definitely top of the list.
  2. Sort of related is the popular/hot boy noticing/being slayed by the plain/shy/dorky girl.  I even enjoy the opposite too, swapping the girl and boy.  I don’t always love these ones, but I’ll always look into a book further if it has this story line.  It’s a bit of opposites attract I guess.
  3. BETA BOYS!!!  OMG I love me a beta boy.  Give me some shy, give me some sweet, give me quietly adorable, I’m all in.
  4. Celebrity romances!!!  Obviously I’m more attracted to the hero being the celebrity, but I’ve enjoyed the other way too.  There’s just something about a “normal” person connecting with a celebrity that makes me happy sigh.  Semi-related is Royal romances.
  5. And an offshoot of celebrity romances is secret identity romances!!  Where one of them is a celebrity or royal or something and they go undercover and falls in love while pretending to be normal.
  6. Older Brother’s Best Friend romances.  Maybe b/c when I was a kid I had a crush on my bro’s best friend.  Especially if he’s secretly in love with her too, but has stayed away.
  7. Best friends to lovers!!  Especially if one has secretly been in love with the other, but too afraid to make a move and assumes it’s unrequited.
  8. Secret baby/pregnancy!!  ROFL, this one doesn’t make sense to me.  I’m not a kid person.  Seriously.  But I think it’s just the dynamics of why it’s remained a secret, and what happens when the guy finds out, etc.
  9. Arrangements that turn to love — like forced marriages/relationships for some ulterior purpose where the couple is forced into close proximity and feelings develop.  I think this is a holdover from my Harlequin days.  Actually, a lot of these are.
  10. Hockey romances.  What can I say, I’m a sucker for most sports romances, but I will always look closer to hockey romances.
  11. (sneaky bonus) Gay for you!!  These don’t always work, but I often end up being attracted to M/M romances where they don’t know they’re gay/bi (sometimes just one, sometimes both), but then they find that one guy that they can’t deny.  *sigh*

So what about you??  What “things” are guaranteed to have you looking closer at a book?

Top Ten of the Most Unique Books I’ve Read

Top Ten Tuesday
(Images link to Goodreads, Titles link to Amazon using Amazon Affiliate links)

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish in which you make a list of ten to do with a certain topic.  This week’s topic is “Top Ten Of The Most Unique Books I’ve Read (topic originally done 4/14) Some variations: top ten unique sounding books on my TBR, top ten most unique books I’ve read in X genre, etc.”

Lenoreo’s Top Ten:

And each book is unique in different ways…  I’ve got 5 contemporaries, and 5 non-contemporaries.  😉

214298232566456351GeT+j6Y5L17666999208900442172382351i3ohwl-_sy346_Gathering Water859529525417530

  1. Road to Somewhere by Kelley Lynn & Jenny S. Morris — I loved that this story may have contained some romance, but it was really about the relationship between two sisters…I found that very unique.
  2. Love Me Never (Lovely Vicious #1) by Sara Wolf — Our heroine, Isis, is incredibly unique all on her own.  Her inner thoughts were out of this world.  See my review here.
  3. Loving Libby (College Life) by Mia Josephs — Formerly titled 3 Sides to a Circle, I found this one so unique in the NA genre because it focused not just on romance but on friendship relationships that are created in college.
  4. Four Summers by Nyrae Dawn — This story was actually told over the course of 4 summers and I really enjoyed how that played out.
  5. The Real Thing by Cassie Mae — Hero is a virgin, need I say more?
  6. The Rush (The Siren #1) by Rachel Higginson — A paranormal series around the mythos of Sirens that involves sex trafficking?  Yup, definitely unique.
  7. Heir of Skies (Starbright #1) by Rachel Higginson — Another paranormal series about *STARS* that are beings?  Yup, unique.
  8. Gathering Water (Gathering Water #1) by Regan Claire — I can’t even describe to you this paranormal world, b/c it was just so unique…I loved the way it played with elements and grabbed things from different mythos but made it its own.  Oh, and the romance also took me in places I didn’t expect.  See my review here.
  9. Truth in the Dark by Amy Lane — This was just a bizarre erotic fairy tale, though I can’t quite pin down what fairy tale.  It was just strange but awesome.
  10. Ride the Wind (Flipped Fairy Tales) by Starla Huchton — And speaking of odd fairy tales, I had never heard of the fairy tale that this story was based on.  And the thing I love about this series (though I’ve still only read this one so far) is that they are gender flipped!  I can’t wait to read more.  See my review here.

So how about you guys?  What books did you find unique in some way or another?

Top Ten Fandoms I’m In

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish in which you make a list of ten to do with a certain topic.  This week’s topic is “Fandom Freebie — top ten fandoms I’m in, 10 reasons X fandom is the best, must have merchandise for x fandom, etc. etc.”  Curly Carla’s doing Top Ten Fandoms I’m In.

Curly Carla’s Top Twelve:

Ok, I’m gonna mix both book and TV with this one because I can. 😉


  1. Twilight by Stephanie Meyers. I know I know. Whatever, I like it.
  2. Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. This is the book that got me into this genre! Loved it.
  3. Divergent by Veronica Roth. Even though the last book was a HUGE fail IMO, I did like the others.
  4. Red Rising by Pierce Brown. Dayum have you read this series!!!
  5. The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Claire. I haven’t finished this series yet. I’m on like book 5 I think. But I do love what I have read so far.
  6. Dragons of Autumn Twilight (Dragonlance Chronicles) by Margaret Weiss. I’ve read almost every book by this author…twice. This series is by far my favorite and if you don’t know it, I feel bad for you cause you are really missing out.

Now onto the TV shows:

  1. Once Upon A Time (ABC) This series ya’ll.
  2. Game of Thrones (HBO) I do realize this is a book series but they were too dry for me to get into so I switched to the show.
  3. Survivor (CBS) This is one of those shows that my husband and I watch together. We don’t watch many together.
  4. Doctor Who (BBC) How could I forget this one!!!!
  5. Stranger Things (Netflix) This one is so spooky.
  6. Jessica Jones (Netflix) I love this series.

Welp, that’s about it for my fandoms.

How about you guys?  What fandoms are you in?