It Took A Rumor by Carter Ashby

 Thanks to a flamboyant, small-town gossip blogger, Ivy Turner’s lily-white reputation has just been unceremoniously muddied. Rumor has it Ivy has succumbed to temptation and slept with one of the Deathridge brothers. Sources can’t confirm which of the four, sexy cowboys she’s taken up with, but everyone in town is weighing in.

Ivy would gladly step forward and defend her good name, except that the rumor happens to be true. Perplexed that her little indiscretion has somehow made it into the public eye, Ivy sets out to find the rumor’s source. In the process, she becomes the unwitting keeper of all the Deathridge brothers’ rather formidable secrets.

Now, not only does she have to keep taking hits to her reputation to protect the brothers, but all these secrets and lies are keeping her from exploring her burgeoning feelings for one of them. But if Jake, Cody, Dallas, and Boone think that Ivy’s patience is limitless, they’re in for a shock. Because when Ivy breaks, she’s taking everyone down with her.


Favorite Quotes: 

It didn’t much matter what he wore, his baby face held all the allure of a piece of candy from a stranger in a creepy van.

 She’d set herself apart by choosing career over family, as if one couldn’t have both, and was therefore outside their sphere of interest.
“First, we see that woman was created from man. That she was made equal to man, but for the purpose of supporting him.” Ivy sank into herself a little. It was so conflicting, hearing those words, because she disagreed with them. 
“I can acknowledge that a guy’s good looking or in good shape or whatever, but it’s never turned me on.” “If you say so.” “Stop trying to make me question my sexuality.” “Why shouldn’t you? Why shouldn’t we all? Maybe we wouldn’t have so many problems if we didn’t draw so many hard lines about it.”


5 stars

Oh man, did I love this book.  The romance aspect was soooo different than the ones I usually read.

Ivy is a career minded, independent woman with a very formal way about her.  Not at all what I would have expected of someone raised on a ranch.  I loved the fact that even though her reputation was being tarnished she didn’t defend herself. Opting for keeping the secrets and helping the very ones who were supposedly her enemies.  Hmmm, there’s a lesson in there somewhere.  It really showed a deeper level of selflessness that I found admirable in her character. But, her kindness was not weakness and let me tell you when she finally said enough is enough, ::shakes head:: she gave them what for!  It was wonderful to see her lose control after everything she went through!

The gossiping old lady was at times the perfect comedic relief but other times I just wanted to slap her old face because she as such a liar.

Ivy had such a great support system in her corner, a fact which I really loved. Her father was very understanding and open to other people’s point of view.  You could tell where Ivy got her understanding from. And even though his part was not that large, he stands out in my mind after reading the book.

The brothers mother’s story was bittersweet for me.  I felt very sad for her in some ways but her strong backbone shown through in the end.  And the brothers!  Oh my, they were almost more trouble than they were worth. Always getting into some kind of mischief, with Ivy smack dab in the middle of it all.  It was like a well rehearsed satire in its unpredictability and humor.  I can’t wait to read the next one.

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Teasing Destiny (Wishing Well, Texas #1) by Melanie Shawn

teasing-destinyBlurb:  One fateful night four years ago, Destiny Rose Porter gave in to her desires and ended up with a shattered heart. A heart that, with time, learned to heal and guard itself. But when Jefferson James Briggs returns to their small hometown of Wishing Well, Texas, memories of that unforgettable night come back with him….

JJ Briggs knew he had started something he couldn’t finish four years ago. But now, he was back to set it right. The sexy Major League pitcher never forgot about his fiery redhead. The love and passion he felt for his “Pip” never faded.

They say old wounds cut deep…will JJ be able to heal the pain he caused all those years ago? Or will history repeat itself, keeping his Destiny just out of reach?


Favorite Quotes:

For someone who prided themselves on being honest, I had lies shooting out of my mouth like they were oiled pigs on a greased-up Slip’N Slide.

The energy between us was like Rice Krispies cereal in a bowl full of milk. It was snap, crackle and popping, making it hard for me to remember to breathe.


3 stars

This was a cute western love story.  If a bit run of the mill for me.  I’ve read many other books with this similar plot line and I enjoy them, I just wasn’t really digging the male MC.

I couldn’t suspend my belief enough to think his intentions were genuine.  JJ never kept her in the loop, only doing what he felt was best without consulting her.  Which in my eyes made him incredibly selfish to me. And even after this was addressed, he still kept things from her.  I mean, dude, fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice… You know how it goes.

Destiny was a cool character, she had dreams and was working her way towards them.  I just found her a bit of a pushover when it came to JJ.  And her personality was kind of bland tasting.

There just wasn’t enough in this story to really stand out to me. But this book is free at the time I posted this review so if you like cute western love stories,  I’d recommend you to check it out.  You literally have nothing to lose.

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Back in the Saddle (Double S Ranch #1) by Ruth Logan Herne

Back in the saddleBlurb: It’s been a long time since Colt Stafford shrugged off his cowboy legacy for shiny Manhattan loafers and a promising career on Wall Street. But when stock market manipulations leave him financially strapped, the oldest son of legendary rancher Sam Stafford decides to return to the sprawling Double S ranch in Gray’s Glen, Washington. He’s broke, but not broken, and it’s time to check in with his ailing father, and get his legs back under him by climbing into the saddle again.

He doesn’t expect to come home to a stranger pointing a loaded gun at his chest— a tough yet beautiful woman that Sam hired as the house manager. Colt senses there’s more to Angelina Morales than meets the eye and he’s determined to find out what she’s hiding…and why.

Colt’s return brings new challenges. Younger brother Nick has been Sam’s right-hand man at the ranch for years and isn’t thrilled at having Colt insert himself into Double S affairs. And the ranch’s contentious relationship with the citizens of Gray’s Glen asks all the Stafford men to examine their hearts about what it truly means to be a neighbor.  And as Wall Street recovers, will Colt succumb to the call of the financial district’s wealth and power—or finally the courage to stay in the saddle for good?

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5 stars

I loved the cover.  This book has a lot to offer.  A diverse MC, a christian lesson and a great story.  This is my second christian romance and I gotta say I am pleasantly surprised I like them.  Usually I am very much into graphic sex, but this was a nice change of pace for me.

Colt is smart, responsible and a bit bitter towards his father.  With good reason, but I’ve always found that it takes too much effort to hold that anger inside and for long periods of time.  His character seemed to learn this as well, which made me identify with him and quite frankly like him more.  His character is a bit more serious than I am used to.  I really like how he seemed to realize that money was not all it was cracked up to be and how family was a blessing not to be ignored.

Angelina is a sassy, out spoken Latina with a fierce devotion to her family and the good book.  I liked how she took charge at the ranch and in her family life but I found her a bit too proud for my tastes.  She was very outgoing and always ready to help a friend or neighbor out.  Her protective instincts towards her family were admirable but a bit too overdone IMO.

Honestly, this book reminded me a bit (a small bit) of P&P.  One of my favorite books.

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A Real Cowboy Never Says No by Stephanie Rowe

real cowboyBlurb: New York Times bestselling author Stephanie Rowe delivers a brand new series set in Rogue Valley, Wyoming, home to the Stockton brothers, a clan of fiercely loyal and honorable men, and the women who touch the hearts of these rugged, loner cowboys.

The only reason rancher Chase Stockton and his brothers survived their brutal childhood was because they protected each other. Nothing will ever come between them…until a sudden tragedy calls in a life debt Chase can’t ignore, forcing him to make a choice that could destroy the very bonds that hold his family together.

Mira Cabot has never asked for help, but when a sexy, protective cowboy makes her an offer she can’t afford to refuse, she finds herself on her way to Wyoming to be the shotgun bride of a man she has every reason…and no reason…to trust.

The sizzling connection between Mira and Chase turns a rescue mission into something dangerously addictive, one that could either heal two broken hearts, or shatter them forever.



3 stars


Ok the cover is a bit cheesy but I enjoyed this book. It came up in my feed for free and I love cowboys so I thought, “What the hay?” (see what I did there) Anyway, the story was good, but the beginning could have used some more background for my tastes.

I mean, it was a great gesture by Chase but his feelings came on a bit too strong for me.  It was akin to insta-love.  He met her once and offered to marry her in less than 24 hours?  I could not suspend my believability for this part.  Chase’s feelings warred with themselves.  And I couldn’t see how a woman hater like him could just throw it all away for a person he didn’t know.  I mean, sure he knew what his friend told him but it wasn’t enough for me.

Mira I had a much stronger connection with.  But her feelings seemed to go in circles as well and it became a bit monotonous for me in the end.  I actually skimmed the ending just so I could get to the good part.  But the ending was soo worth it!

The big bad was so well written.  I loved how he was so evil and I was scared for her.  The ending really made this story, I just wish more would have happened in between the beginning and end.  I t seemed a bunch of the same stuff kept happening and that what ultimately killed the love part of the story for me.  Honestly the brother story was more to my taste.

So it seems its a bit of a toss up for me. I will probably read the next one because that brothers story is the one I want to know.

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