Teasing Destiny (Wishing Well, Texas #1) by Melanie Shawn

teasing-destinyBlurb:  One fateful night four years ago, Destiny Rose Porter gave in to her desires and ended up with a shattered heart. A heart that, with time, learned to heal and guard itself. But when Jefferson James Briggs returns to their small hometown of Wishing Well, Texas, memories of that unforgettable night come back with him….

JJ Briggs knew he had started something he couldn’t finish four years ago. But now, he was back to set it right. The sexy Major League pitcher never forgot about his fiery redhead. The love and passion he felt for his “Pip” never faded.

They say old wounds cut deep…will JJ be able to heal the pain he caused all those years ago? Or will history repeat itself, keeping his Destiny just out of reach?


Favorite Quotes:

For someone who prided themselves on being honest, I had lies shooting out of my mouth like they were oiled pigs on a greased-up Slip’N Slide.

The energy between us was like Rice Krispies cereal in a bowl full of milk. It was snap, crackle and popping, making it hard for me to remember to breathe.


3 stars

This was a cute western love story.  If a bit run of the mill for me.  I’ve read many other books with this similar plot line and I enjoy them, I just wasn’t really digging the male MC.

I couldn’t suspend my belief enough to think his intentions were genuine.  JJ never kept her in the loop, only doing what he felt was best without consulting her.  Which in my eyes made him incredibly selfish to me. And even after this was addressed, he still kept things from her.  I mean, dude, fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice… You know how it goes.

Destiny was a cool character, she had dreams and was working her way towards them.  I just found her a bit of a pushover when it came to JJ.  And her personality was kind of bland tasting.

There just wasn’t enough in this story to really stand out to me. But this book is free at the time I posted this review so if you like cute western love stories,  I’d recommend you to check it out.  You literally have nothing to lose.

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