It Took A Rumor by Carter Ashby

 Thanks to a flamboyant, small-town gossip blogger, Ivy Turner’s lily-white reputation has just been unceremoniously muddied. Rumor has it Ivy has succumbed to temptation and slept with one of the Deathridge brothers. Sources can’t confirm which of the four, sexy cowboys she’s taken up with, but everyone in town is weighing in.

Ivy would gladly step forward and defend her good name, except that the rumor happens to be true. Perplexed that her little indiscretion has somehow made it into the public eye, Ivy sets out to find the rumor’s source. In the process, she becomes the unwitting keeper of all the Deathridge brothers’ rather formidable secrets.

Now, not only does she have to keep taking hits to her reputation to protect the brothers, but all these secrets and lies are keeping her from exploring her burgeoning feelings for one of them. But if Jake, Cody, Dallas, and Boone think that Ivy’s patience is limitless, they’re in for a shock. Because when Ivy breaks, she’s taking everyone down with her.


Favorite Quotes: 

It didn’t much matter what he wore, his baby face held all the allure of a piece of candy from a stranger in a creepy van.

 She’d set herself apart by choosing career over family, as if one couldn’t have both, and was therefore outside their sphere of interest.
“First, we see that woman was created from man. That she was made equal to man, but for the purpose of supporting him.” Ivy sank into herself a little. It was so conflicting, hearing those words, because she disagreed with them. 
“I can acknowledge that a guy’s good looking or in good shape or whatever, but it’s never turned me on.” “If you say so.” “Stop trying to make me question my sexuality.” “Why shouldn’t you? Why shouldn’t we all? Maybe we wouldn’t have so many problems if we didn’t draw so many hard lines about it.”


5 stars

Oh man, did I love this book.  The romance aspect was soooo different than the ones I usually read.

Ivy is a career minded, independent woman with a very formal way about her.  Not at all what I would have expected of someone raised on a ranch.  I loved the fact that even though her reputation was being tarnished she didn’t defend herself. Opting for keeping the secrets and helping the very ones who were supposedly her enemies.  Hmmm, there’s a lesson in there somewhere.  It really showed a deeper level of selflessness that I found admirable in her character. But, her kindness was not weakness and let me tell you when she finally said enough is enough, ::shakes head:: she gave them what for!  It was wonderful to see her lose control after everything she went through!

The gossiping old lady was at times the perfect comedic relief but other times I just wanted to slap her old face because she as such a liar.

Ivy had such a great support system in her corner, a fact which I really loved. Her father was very understanding and open to other people’s point of view.  You could tell where Ivy got her understanding from. And even though his part was not that large, he stands out in my mind after reading the book.

The brothers mother’s story was bittersweet for me.  I felt very sad for her in some ways but her strong backbone shown through in the end.  And the brothers!  Oh my, they were almost more trouble than they were worth. Always getting into some kind of mischief, with Ivy smack dab in the middle of it all.  It was like a well rehearsed satire in its unpredictability and humor.  I can’t wait to read the next one.

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