Fractured Suns by Theresa Kay

Happy release day to one of my favourite authors of all time!!!  This review is for book *2* of the series, so you might not want to read it if you haven’t read book 1 yet — and trust me, you should go read book 1 RIGHT NOW (buy it here:


20535475We came in peace. Lie.
We had no role in the Collapse. Lie.
I have always been honest. Lie.
I never lied to her. Truth.

Reunited with her brother, and surrounded by Flint, Peter and her new-found grandfather, Jax Mitchell has still never felt more alone. The choice to follow Rym back to the city to find answers and see Lir is an easy one, but their reunion is cut short and Jax is forced to leave Lir behind. She finds herself traveling with some unexpected companions and heading back toward a place she’d hoped to never see again.

After being imprisoned—and tortured—on the orders of his uncle, Lir hasn’t seen daylight or linked to anyone in weeks. After a lifetime of connection, the pain and loneliness is almost too much to bear. Elated that Jax actually came, Lir finds renewed hope and the strength to continue fighting his uncle’s influence over the E’rikon, even when things look hopeless and Lir’s been branded a traitor by the very people he’s trying to save.

While Jax and Lir fight separate battles, their missions have more in common than they realize. It’s a race against time to stop men driven only by greed and power. But the ones they trust the most might be the very people working against them—and “family” doesn’t mean what it used to. Will they recognize their friends from their enemies in time to save the people they love or will they lose each other in the process?

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My Review:

5 stars — OMG EPIC!!!!!!!!! Yes yes yes, I feel your jealousy and I understand… I was honoured to be a beta reader for this book. And thankfully this time I had people to talk to about it so I didn’t have to go insane waiting for release!

OK, so back to the important stuff — I’ve actually just finished my second read through of this gem, and let me tell you it’s even better a second time through. It’s like one of those movies that is awesome the first time through, but on each viewing you start noticing more and more. The intricacy of the plot left me a bit dazzled the first time through, and holy cow do you notice all the little subtle setups even more the 2nd time around. I’m not saying it wasn’t amazeballs the first time through, I’m just stuck in happy land over here and amazed at all the little nuances that I may not have noticed b/c I was a bit greedy when I first got this in my grubby little hands. *snort* I know, shocker right?

Quite frankly, I’m still reeling. Ms. Kay sets a perfect pace in this book — not too fast that things get lost, but a steady build that keeps you clamouring for more as you go along. Jax is still as fiesty yet broken as ever….but you actually got to see her gain strength as the book went on. Not without setbacks, but that’s kind of realistic right? And we get Lir POV!!!!! Still totally in love with that alien boy. I was soooooo worried at the end of book 1….I mean, most of me knew there was an explanation for the bond break, but I was so heartbroken that I wasn’t sure I would be able to forgive him. But I did!! While his role in the book is not as prominent (this is still mainly Jax’s story), I liked getting to learn more background about the E’rikon through Lir, and I felt like we got to see more of who he is…the struggles he’s dealt with.

And that brings me to secondary characters…and specifically how much I LOVED them. Rym turned out to be so much more than I was expecting — I AM IN LOVE! What’s with these E’rikon boys? He was hilarious, and yet had his own depth. Then there was the surprise of Stu! Did NOT see that one coming, and yet his role fit so well. Especially when we got to meet Ethan! LOVED him and what he brought to the story. Still learning to love Emily, but immediately fell in love with Gavin. Can’t wait to see more from some of these newbies. And then there’s Flint….I did NOT expect how big his role was going to be in this book.

So yeah….another book hangover book. By the time the ending comes, my mind was just whirling with all that we’d learned, and it’s going to take a while to process it all. If you fell in love with Broken Skies (and how could you not), then you will not be even remotely disappointed with this book. Solid characters, intriguing world building, fast paced plot, fabulous imagery, and an author that takes risks. The downside? Waiting for book 3 is going to be a bitch….


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