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Doing It For LoveCassie Mae’s charming, sexy new novel, perfect for fans of Emma Chase, puts a steamy twist on modern love as one bride-to-be tries to put the spark back in the bedroom—by any means necessary.

Elizabeth Fanning’s life looks pretty perfect, judging by the diamond ring on her finger. Her fiancé, Landon, is sweet, handsome, and hilarious. The trouble is, before they’ve even tied the knot, their sex life has gone from mind-blowing to “meh”—and Liz isn’t ready to be part of an old married couple. After a cathartic call to her best friend, Liz comes up with a brilliant idea. She and Landon may never be able to re-create the magic of their first time, but how amazing would their wedding night be if everything below the neck was off-limits until then?

Liz thinks it’ll bring them closer together. Landon’s convinced she’ll cave first. So they raise the stakes: Whoever lasts longer gets to pick their honeymoon destination. With her heart set on the Bahamas and Landon fighting for snowbound Utah, Liz simply has to win. But pretty soon, her body is screaming for attention, and Landon’s never seemed so far away. Has Liz’s experiment backfired? Losing their little competition would be frustrating—but the one thing she can’t afford to lose is him.

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My Review:
5 stars — Dear Cassie Mae,
Your book made me so happy I cried when it was over.
Love, your number one fan (LENORE — ME, SCREW ALL Y’ALL, I’M THE BIGGEST FAN)

OK, so for realz…. I was lucky enough to read snippets of this book while Ms. Mae was writing it, so I feel like I’ve been in love with Lizzie and Landon FOREVER. But reading snippets is NOTHING like reading the final masterpiece. And it was a masterpiece. It was everything I’ve always loved about Ms. Mae’s writing taken to a whole new level. It made me laugh in great guffaws and little giggles. It gave me perma grin. It also gave me unamused and unhappy face, followed by forgiven and fawning face. It gave me the butterflies that Lizzie loves so much — angels and devils (though more angels than devils). I tried to resist reading this book right away, but I should have known better than to fight the impulse….

OK, so let’s try that again…FOR REALZ REALZ. I LOVED Lizzie and Landon. I’m not sure if they beat out my fave book girls and book boys, but you know what they did win? Fave book couple. I LOVED reading a book after the HEA. Who writes that? Cassie Mae, that’s who. It was filled with all the things that made me think of my own HEA…the fun, the laughter, the awkward moments, the learning, the missteps, and the full on happiness and love. It was SO REAL.

And you know what? Screw it, Lizzie so totally makes my book girls list, if not tops it. Who wouldn’t love this girl? She is HILARIOUS and sweet and caring and selfless, and just full on fun-crazy. But I can’t seem to go there without Landon…hence the fave book couple. They are just so perfect for each other. You can physically FEEL their love for each other leaping off the pages.

And Landon Landon Landon….he had a moment of butt-i-tude, but he pretty much won me over hook line and sinker getting me (and Liz) to forgive him. He made me laugh so much, but it was his romantic lines that basically made me melt. I WANT him to be with Lizzie. Because I’m in love with the way he loves her. Again, fave book couple.

LOVED the secondary characters in this one. And knowing that I get to read more of some of them in their own books just made me so excited. Theresa was the BEST best friend. You could totally feel their friend chemistry. Really fell in love with Alec too…I see things there, and I hope I’m right. All the friends moments really felt authentic…like I could totally see the lives that they’re all living and sharing moments with each other….

In reality, I loved the whole book (obviously). But I finished reading the wedding and pretty much felt like I’d hit book nirvana. IT WAS PERFECT. I’m honestly trying to find words, but I have none. I just loved it that much that I giddy fangirl all over it. You’ll see.

I never know how to end reviews….it’s like I run out of steam. You all know I’m a huge fangirl of Cassie Mae’s. But there’s a reason. This book is a perfect example of that reason. Because in a sea of books with model perfect characters, she gives me a couple that I truly believe could be real, who I WANT to be real. Characters who feel like they could be reflections of me, of my life, of my love. And that’s powerful shit.

ps – I named the photographer….(Lenore comes from Helen). Because that’s obviously uber important. 😛 You’re welcome literary world, I have made my mark!

pps – THANK YOU NETGALLEY for my early copy of this book!!!


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