Igniting Sprirt by Regan Claire

Igniting SpiritSynopsis: Della Deare spent most of her life unable to rely on anyone but herself. Until she discovered a family she never knew and a destiny she never expected.
Now, her cousin is in danger and Della will do anything she can to save him, even if that means betraying everything she’s been taught. She knows the Clades — her enemies — are the only people who can help, but they want something from her first — Protection.

There’s a different evil afoot, larger than anyone had anticipated, and to stop it the Clades and Elfennol need to band together. Della must rely on old enemies, new friends, and the dark power that Ezra has inherited before his father unleashes destruction on our world.

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5 Stars

This is the third book in the Gathering Water series.  It’s a YA paranormal age appropriate for 18+ due to violence.  I was given the great honor of beta reading this book. I’m a huge fan of Regan Claire.  She has a way of writing serious but with a degree of levity that tempers it a bit.  Almost like sarcasm but not in a disingenuous way. Her characters are witty and they are fast acting; they don’t lay about talking things to death which I really like because sometimes that can get boring. And she has a way of weaving in a level of development without using a lot of words. I get surprised when I am reading because I am like, “Holy crap” She just made me realized something without me even knowing that it needed to be realized because it was worded so elegantly. The level of violence in this book as opposed to the previous two books is much higher since everything comes to a conclusion.

Her dialogue is excellent in my opinion.  She has great movie references.  Everything is jam packed in a short period. It’s a fast paced book but not so much that my emotions get overwhelmed.  There are a lot of turning points in the book.

I just wanna through out there that I loved Alexander the most.  His actions or rather the reactions other have to him played a loud part in this book for me if that makes any sense.

Favorite Quotes:

You can lie to yourself in near death situations. I know people always say it’s a time for honesty and reckoning, but those people can suck it.

I could feel the pulse of the earth, and the fathomless ocean bending to none but the will of gods. I felt clouds dance upon my skin, and the sun’s rays warm my soul.

Holy shit, I exploded!

That couldn’t be right. I didn’t feel exploded. I looked down at my hands to see if I looked like someone who just exploded, then realized with a start that I was buck naked.  Awesome.

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