Revelation by Randi Cooley Wilson

RevelationSynopsis: Eve Collins starts her freshman year at college blissfully unaware that one revelation will challenge everything she’s believed to be true about her family, life, and future, and right in the midst of it all is Asher St. Michael.

Mysterious and aloof, Asher is appointed to protect Eve at all costs. Bound by his oath of loyalty to mankind, loving her is forbidden.

Dark and enigmatic, Gage Gallagher may be even more dangerous to Eve than the demonic army that hunts her.

Caught in the middle of a centuries old war, Eve must choose sides knowing that the wrong choice will cost more than just her life.

Can Asher and Eve fulfil their destinies or will their love destroy everything?

Revelation is a journey of self-discovery, love, and sacrifice.

This is volume one of a series.

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2 stars

YA paranormal appropriate for ages 18+.  Sorry guys, I wanted to like this book.  The writing was technically sound. Look at me trying to sound all smart and crap.  What I mean by that is the storyline was good, I didn’t find any errors with regards to plot holes or grammar.  But it was soooooo slow.  It would build up and then let me down.  Which is good…sometimes.  But after the third or fourth build up with nothing to show for it, I lost my patience.  Maybe I am just an impatient reader.

Okay, the love story.  He is forbidden from being with her because of some oath but we never find out what, exactly, that oath is, or if there is a way around it.  This really had me confused.  They kept having these moments when you knew they wanted to commence with the loving but he always backed down with, “We can’t” (I’m paraphrasing) The fact that she didn’t try to find out why really bugged me.  She just accepted it. It was hard to read at times.

Some of the dialogue was choppy too.  Like the conversations were all over the place and didn’t transition properly for me.  That could be me, I don’t know. But when they were talking to her, her responses didn’t seem like she was tracking the same things, if that makes sense.

I will say that the idea was a great one.  Gargoyles as protectors? What a fantastic idea! I’d certainly never read a book about gargoyles before, at least not with a positive spin.  The potential was there, the pacing just wasn’t.  And in the end that’s what killed it for me.  Too much suspense, not enough progression.

I don’t like to write these reviews. But I will say this: I am all about redemption so I WILL be reading a different book by this author, because one bad apple doesn’t spoil the whole bunch.

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