Lethed (Guardians of the Angels #2) by Anyta Sunday

LethedBlurb:  Sylva Lark made her choice.

Now she has to adjust to Guardian life. Training. Killing demons. Controlling her powers.

If only giving up her family wouldn’t hurt so damn much, . . . and if there wasn’t a strange attraction to the betrothed Prince Atticus she just met . . .

Amongst murder and mayhem, and toeing an unclear line between right and wrong, Sylva and her fellow Guardians must find a way to secure Eirene.

But it’s not easy going up against underworld Queen Furie when those on Sylva’s side are hiding secrets . . .

Will they succeed in protecting the home of the angels? Or will they fail, submitting the heavens to the fate of Furie?

And will Sylva and Attic ever remember what they mean to each other?

Or will they stay forever Lethed?



5 Stars

Look at that cover!  Isn’t it scary?  So for those of you paying attention; I am trying to make this year the ‘Year of the Finale’.  Where I finally finish all the series that I am able to.  I’ve been sitting on this series for almost two years now.  Not because its bad, on the contrary, because I don’t want it to end.

But, alas, all good things come to an end or some such stuff.  This may contain spoilers because its the second book so maybe don’t read further from………




Right here.  No wait…




Here, yeah, don’t read further from here.

This is not a happy ending kind of a story people, so just so ya know.  The middle is really where this book shines.  You know what is going to happen, a fact which I am certain the author did purposely.  So it’s nice to see how it all unravels between Attic and Sylvia.  The love story in this book is not seperate from the plot, at least IMO.  They parallel the plot making it so much richer than I remember it being.  It all comes down to duty versus love.

Sylvia grows a lot in this book. She becomes more mature and knowledgable in the ways of being a guardian.  How they are expected to behave and learning their traditions. Traditions mean a lot to these people,  especially since they are a monarchy.Without traditions, the guardians would apparently fall apart and be no better than the demons according to the queen.   I really can’t stand the her, she is selfish and enjoys rubbing their duty in their faces a little too much for my liking.

Attic…He is one hot ticket I tell ya.  He is a bit different this time around.  He is more rigid and inflexable when it comes time to let go.  He just can’t do it, and I love him for it.

They have a choice to make; Choose what is more important….what is best for them? Or what is best for the guardians?  The two don’t seem to coincide, much to my dismay.  I admit I am super conflicted myself.  Why can they not have their cake and eat it too!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!? It was joyously heartbreaking to read.

Noob status

This is a re-read and it was better the second time around.   It also counts toward my diversity reads since it features LGBTQA people in it.  I do love the chemitsy Marcus and Dimitri have.  I can’t wait to find out what happens between them because something MUST happen. Demon and Guardian……how will they make it work?

Off to read the last one.  Wish me luck!

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