On Higher Ground by Melissa Collins

on higher groundBlurb: When there’s no peace after war…
When there’s no solace after death…
When there’s only pain and suffering…
Anxiety and loss…
All you can hope to find is something more…
Something that makes you whole and complete
Something that puts you
On Higher Ground





3 stars

Can I just throw out there how much I love this cover!

I loved the first book in this series. Let me first start off with, this book had no plot.  At all.  It was just a year in the life of them, and their transition from a new couple to moving on in their relationship. Going from the honeymoon phase into really starting to begin their lives.  Getting married, buying a house, establishing their careers.  You know, normal things that occur in real life.

And I enjoyed it. Even though there was no point to the story at all. I still loved it. Although I do want to point out that while Melissa Collins is a great author, this book had way too many sex scenes in it.

Wait, what? Is there such a thing you ask?  Yes.  There is.  Coming from me that’s probably weird but hear me out.  There comes a point in time in a book where the sex becomes a plot device or a trope. And it kinda felt that way about half way through the book.  Every time she did one of those wonderful sex scenes it just started feeling a bit monotonuous after a while.  It was like, “I know, I get it, they’re gonna have sex again.”

For me it was more about the non-sexual or non-physical in their relationship.  At this point they were dealing with Dax’s PTSD, the adoption process and how they were percieved being a married gay couple.  Dax’s accomplishments with training dogs and helping other vets like himself.  They just had so much more going on emotionally that I was looking forward to reading.

And she touched on a lot of those issues.  They were just broken up by these multiple sex scenes that seemed to take away from the power of those experiences for me.  That’s really the only negative that I have.  I don’t even care that there was no plot. I have no problem with that at all.

Other than that the story was really good. It had a lot of hope.  You could see a lot of what they went through as a married couple, I totally understood.  It paralled real life really well. So go read it!

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