Remember Jamie Baker by Kelly Oram

30334744Remember Jamie Baker is the explosive and long awaited conclusion to the Jamie Baker trilogy. With all the action of the best superhero science fiction and epic romance as only bestselling teen romance author Kelly Oram can write, this book will have you laughing, swooning, and wanting to save the world!

Plagued by memory loss, Jamie Baker searches high and low for the answers to who she is, where she comes from, and why she’s able to do things other humans can’t. A not-so-simple task when she’s hiding from the people responsible for her amnesia—an evil scientific research company that wants to capture her at any cost.

When Jamie’s quest for the truth reveals a devastating betrayal from the one person she thought she could trust, she’s forced to team up with a secret military organization in order to ensure her safety and stop Visticorp’s horrific human experimenting once and for all.

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My Review:
4.5 stars — SO WORTH THE WAIT!!!  OK, so technically I didn’t wait as long as some fans, b/c I put off reading book 2 when I first got it because I knew the conclusion didn’t have a release day yet (or heck, was even written).  But even if I had been waiting those few years, it would have been worth it.  I LOVED Being Jamie Baker (4.5 star rounded up to 5), and then was majorly conflicted and a bit let down by More Than Jamie Baker (3.5 star rounded down to 3), so I was uncertain how the series would end.  BUT OMG.  Well, as you can see, I loved it.  Like seriously, everything I loved about this series was just there and present, and all the things that detracted from it for me were mitigated and reasonable.

I felt like in book 2 there was so much Teddy and, well, I hated him, so that really worried me coming into this book.  Especially b/c Jamie was so oblivious to him.  But none of my worries were founded in this book.  Teddy was still there, but in a much more behind the scenes capacity that made me so relieved.  And Jamie still felt compassion towards him, which given who Jamie is – it makes sense.  But she wasn’t blinded to all his faults.  THANK THE BABY JESUS.  So while he still causes all kinds of grief, it all worked much better in the book for me.  Seriously, you cannot know how relieved I am.

The memory loss thing was intriguing.  I didn’t expect it to take over so much of the plot, but I guess that’s because I didn’t really think about what all it would mean for Jamie.  But it was well done.  Occasionally I had moments where my interest waned, but that could be because I’ve had too much life stuff going on at the time I was reading this, and so I couldn’t just read and devour like I normally would.

Ryan Miller was everything we love about Ryan Miller and more.  If you thought you were in love with him before, prepare to fall in love even more.  He is such a funny character, b/c he is so sweet and positive and thoughtful, but he’s also this arrogant and kind of cocky guy…but somehow it’s endearing.

The chemistry was through the roof.  OMG.  Superkisses.  I forgot how much I love superkisses.

The side characters were AMAZING!!!  I LOVED all of them, from the Major, to the new Aces, to Abiodun, but especially Tyson!!!  They added so much and I just adored the scenes where they were all bantering back and forth.  What a great military family.

And the ending was perfection.  From the edge of your seat climax, to the more epilogue-esque conclusion.  I wasn’t quite sure how it was going to go, and though I would have been satisfied with any number of ways, Ms. Oram wrote it perfectly and beyond my expectations as usual.  Seriously.  I want to read it again, and probably will when I have time to soak it all in with no distractions.


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