Mercury Striking (The Scorpius Syndrome #1) by Rebecca Zanetti

mercury strikingBlurb: With nothing but rumors to lead her, Lynn Harmony has trekked across a nightmare landscape to find one man—a mysterious, damaged legend who protects the weak and leads the strong. He’s more than muscle and firepower—and in post-plague L.A., he’s her only hope. As the one woman who could cure the disease, Lynn is the single most volatile—and vulnerable—creature in this new and ruthless world. But face to face with Jax Mercury…

Danger has never looked quite so delicious…




5 stars

Hot damn! This guy is an alpha and he is totally unapologetic about it.  I kinda like it.  How he just tells you what he is doing and knows its not right but he does it anyway.  Why? Cause its a new world and shit needs to get done.  In most books with alpha’s I tend to gloss over their domineering, possessive and sexist attitudes  because the story usually has a great ending.

But in this story the behavior is explained in a way that almost makes you think, oh yeah, I see why he needs to act that way.  And the next thing you know, you are on board with his alpha traits.  Wait? What happened?

And Lynne is a bad ass in her own right.  She is dangerously smart, knows how to shoot a gun if needed and had nothing to lose, making her doubly dangerous.   But when she sees how Mercury has his compound organized with everyone working together, it gives her a bit of hope.  And she can’t help but fall for the closed off yet sweet when-no-one-is-looking asshole.

Favorite Quotes

A friend is one who has the same enemies as you have. —Abraham Lincoln

“You go from calling her a dangerous carrier to asking if she’s good to look at?” “Yeah,” Tace drawled. “There’s something sexy about a woman so dangerous she can kill you by biting your finger. Is our great hope pleasing to the eye?”

“How do you know so much?” “Books.” He idly played with her hair. “The judge who gave me the choice of military or prison kept in touch, and he loved philosophy and literature. He would send me books all over the world. At first I read just because I owed him. Then I read because I grew. Finally, I read because the words began to make sense.”

Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. —Helen Keller

 Jax studied his group of closest confidants, his mind settling. He had an excellent doctor who might be turning into a Ripper, a former LAPD officer who couldn’t shoot worth shit and wanted to gossip more than fight, and a former special-ops killing machine with an agenda he wouldn’t share. Not to mention a woman in the other room who’d stolen his heart and wore a bull’s-eye on hers. “Do you ever just stop and wonder how the hell you ended up here?” he asked. “All the time,” Tace and Raze said in unison, while Sami just nodded.
Go read this.

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