98: The Witch’s Prophecy (Rise of the Battle-Bred #2) by V.L. Holt

98Blurb: In this clean YA paranormal romance, William and Jane learn the steps to their new friendship while forces around them are converging on Deer Fjord to create a battleground of historic proportions. William and his father are under suspicion of murder and Jane is recovering from a Lochspawn attack.

Woven throughout this urban adventure is Agnes’ life story, written in her own words. Agnes is one of the First Mothers, a child of the Middle Ages and a devoted Christian. Details about the creation of the Warrior race finally come to light in her heartrending history.






4 stars

This book definitely raised questions that need to be answered in the third book. It’s been so long since I read the first one that I was a bit confused reading it. But I caught up pretty quickly.

Not a lot of action in this book, actually, almost no action.  This book gives us loads of flashbacks and backstory.  I gotta say the backstory was exceptionally interesting to me.  I loved the way it was told through Agnes journal.  She had a third eye when it came to people and could see right into their hearts.  She was guarded but not afraid, headstrong but not foolish.  By far my favorite character to date in this series.

Jane and Williams relationship seems to stagnate a bit in this book since they don’t really see much of each other, so the romance suffered in my eyes.

We do get to see more of the Z guys as I like to call them.  Whether or not they are the big bad isn’t really made clear to us, at least to me it wasn’t.  It was clear they had an alterior agenda but we didn’t really see them being straight up evil.  It’s all implied at this point.

I am anticipating the third installment in this series. I do need to say I think this book ended rather abruptly and with no real closure for me, but from what I remember, the first book was like that as well.

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  1. Hopefully, you don’t have to wait too long! I’m waiting on the next raven cycle book from the library and I’m near death due to waiting so long. (I’m finally next in line!)

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