Remember Jamie Baker (Jamie Baker #3) by Kelly Oram

30334744Blurb: Plagued by memory loss, Jamie Baker searches high and low for the answers to who she is, where she comes from, and why she’s able to do things other humans can’t. A not-so-simple task when she’s hiding from the people responsible for her amnesia—an evil scientific research company that wants to capture her at any cost.

When Jamie’s quest for the truth reveals a devastating betrayal from the one person she thought she could trust, she’s forced to team up with a secret military organization in order to ensure her safety and stop Visticorp’s horrific human experimenting once and for all.




3 Stars

::sigh::  I don’t know why but this last book just kinda went……blah for me.  I mean it was a lot faster with regards to the story line but the content was just…eh.

The supporting characters were amazing in this book, they provided me with some much needed contrast to Jamie’s personality.  The story line was great, all the loose ends were ties up with no loopholes that I could find.  But for some reason, I can’t stand Jamie herself anymore.

She is too trusting and naive. Stubborn and unwilling to compromise in any aspect which makes her seem super childish to me.  I get that she has amnesia and is having a hard time  dealing but that doesn’t excuse her behavior.  She treats everyone like they owe her something and when things go wrong she doesn’t want to accept blame and own her faults.

On the contrary side, she also cares WAY too much what others think and is constantly trying to people please.  But it’s like you nothing is good enough for her.  I don’t know why I can’t stand her, I really really want to like her but I . just. don’t.   Also, why is her hair and eye color different than what it describes in the book.  I don’t understand why that was changed.

Maybe I’m being nit-picky and looking for things I didn’t like.  I’m just glad I finished the series.

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