Aurora Sky (Aurora Sky: Vampire Hunter #1) by Nikki Jefford

aurora-skyBlurb: If there is one thing eighteen-year-old Aurora Sky wants, it’s to get off the iceberg she calls home. Being kissed before she graduates wouldn’t hurt either.

Then a near-fatal car wreck changes everything. Government agents step in and save Aurora’s life in exchange for her services as a vampire hunter. In Alaska. Basically she’s a glorified chew toy. All thanks to her rare blood type, which sends a vampire into temporary paralysis right before she has to finish the job… by hand.

Now Aurora’s only friends are groupies of the undead and the only boy she can think about may very well be a vampire.





1 Star

This book sucked.  I’m sorry, its mean but I can’t think of any other way to say it. The romance was written terribly and was so choppy I could barely keep up with it. She liked so many people you couldn’t tell who she truly cared about or who she was using.  It had sooooo much more telling than showing.  It was told as matter of fact as possible and it came off as boring to me. The story line moved too fast to absorb.  It felt like lazy writing to me cause the author didn’t really get emotional with her MC so I couldn’t really tell how she felt.  It felt robotic to me.

I found Aurora quite weak and she seemed to put too much value on what others thought of her.  The story jumped from friendship to friendship so fast with no real transitions. She let her best friend slip through her fingers with no attempt to salvage it.  She came off as too whiny.  I felt that her emotions didn’t match her actions.  And the supporting characters had no depth.  It was all very inconsistent and as such, unbelievable throughout.

The parents seemed thrown in as an afterthought, not adding much to the story line except in the beginning.  I would have thought they would  have tried harder to be a part of her life since she almost lost it.  The dad leaving was just thrown in for shock value.

I just…really didn’t like this book and I won’t be reading any more in this series.  I’d love to give the author another shot in a different series I think, just to see if it was the story or the writing that killed it for me.

This book is free but I received it from Netgalley for an honest review.

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