Taboo For You (Friends to Lovers #1) by Anyta Sunday

Sam’s freaking out. He’s 30 in three weeks. And what has he done in his twenties? It’s pretty simple math: nothing exciting at all. But hey, he has three weeks right? Maybe that’s just enough time to tick his way through a 20s Must Do List . . .

Luke’s freaking screwed. He’s come out to his family, and his friends. Except there’s a certain someone who doesn’t know yet: his neighbor of 7 years. Who also happens to be his best friend. Who Luke needs to tell the truth, but he just . . . can’t . . . seem to . . .

Jeremy’s freaking over-the-moon. It’s the countdown to his 15th birthday, and his goal is simple. No matter what, he’s going to spend heaps of time with saucy Suzy. But first he needs to get his over-protective, no-girlfriend-’cause-you’ll-get-her-pregnant parents off his back. And what better way than pretending he’s gay?

Sam, Luke, and Jeremy. Three guys who have a lot of history together, and a lot of future too—

—well, if they can sort out their issues, that is.



3 stars

So it turns out I do NOT like GFY  books.  Who knew? ::shrugs:: This premise was originally intriguing to me but after reading it I found myself not liking it.  Which is a shame because I have loved all her other books.

Sam references the fact that he is not turned on by men. So it’s hard for me (No pun intended) with regards to the believability of the story when it is clear he is hetero.

Also, Luke lied.  Granted it was a lie by omission but that’s a huge deal breaker for me and since I already had one foot out the door so to speak, that was the straw that broke the camels back.  Is that clear as mud for you? LOL

Jeremy’s antics were super funny and very elaborate redeeming the story for the most part in the end.  I also enjoyed how they co-parented him and had open communication.  Even if that part was unbelievable. As a child of divorce and knowing many children of divorce, we all know open communication is like trying to find the Great White Buffalo.

In the end I enjoyed Jeremy’s story and the sex scenes more than Sam and Luke’s love story.  I love me a good sex scene.  Chances are I will continue to read Miss Sundays work because one bad apple doesn’t spoil the bunch IMO.

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