Witchcraft by Jayne Ann Krentz

WitchcraftBlurb: Mystery writer Kimberly Sawyer lives alone and likes it that way. But when she is threatened by a hooded figure, and a blood-red rose with a needle thrust into its heart is left on her doorstep, she knows she needs protection. So it seems like perfect timing when Napa Valley vineyard owner Darius Cavenaugh returns to Kimberly’s life, offering help and a place to stay. But how did he know she needed him? Was it the deep, intuitive intimacy of a soulmate…or was it witchcraft?



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4 stars

This is a stand alone audio book. It was really good. I liked the cover, the title was intriguing and the blurb was well written. Those are the things that pulled me in. But I gotta say the content of the book had almost nothing to do with the title. And it was kinda irritating to me because I was looking for something more paranormal than what was represented. So for me to spend all that time listening…(You know how long it takes to listen to a audiobook, like 14 fucking hours.) Time that I don’t get back. Then to get to the climax and be soooo disappointed that it wasn’t more paranormal.  Yeah, I was a bit mad and it really sticks out in my mind.

The build-up was really good though and the audio was excellent. I’ve never really listened to romance audiobooks before. Generally I lean more toward the Sci-fi/Fantasy genre. It was one reader and she did all the voices with accents. I felt it gave the book more depth of feeling than if I was to read it myself. This was a romance novel that had just a smidgen of mystery.  I felt it was a bit misleading as far as marketing the book went.

It was also predictable as far as the big bad is concerned. As soon as the character was introduced I knew they were it. I think the author may have intended it to be that way though since it was a love story.

I’d read more from this author if I knew what I was getting into.

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