Saving Detroit: A Challenged Faith Novel by Michelle Bolanger

SDBlurb:  Luke Kelso is about to land what he thought was his dream job as crew chief for his dad’s pro-race team, but a celebratory night out with friends turns into a six-month nightmare of abuse after he is drugged and forced into service for a high-end sex trafficking ring.

His rescue and return home to a family that loves him should have given him a safe place to recover and begin rebuilding his life. But when the truth about his family’s involvement in his ordeal is revealed, Luke turns his back on God, his family, and his career, vowing to take down the one who shattered his world forever.

An emotional story of recovery and healing through faith in God, Saving Detroit is a heartbreaking look at the horrors of human trafficking seen through the eyes of a young man fighting a battle against an evil only God can defeat.



5 stars

I had the pleasure of alpha reading this story. Although, I think my job was super easy because MB knows how to write and didn’t really need much help on this one so I found myself really able to let loose and just enjoy the story as it unfolded.

So, full disclosure, I’m what you would call a casual observer of faith. I don’t go to church every week and if you know me at all you know that I rarely talk about faith with people. I’ve never finished the bible and quite frankly God and I argue quite a bit.  Which is one of the reasons why I identified so much with Luke’s character.

I got his questionable faith. I constantly question my own. (Every day)  It made me feel better to read about a character in a faith based novel that wasn’t whole heartedly about God. He was not perfect, he could’t explain his feelings about faith and God.  In fact, he hated God at one point.  I related to that so hard.   It made me feel less alone.  He was like the anti-hero.  His struggle was…uncomfortable to read.  Or maybe it just hit a bit to close to reality for me.  But I think that’s what the author was aiming for and in that she succeeded.

While his situation doesn’t mirror mine, I do have some experience in sexual abuse. (As I’m sure we all do)  And I found myself backing his impulsive decisions for revenge. I wanted him to get closure his way.  I felt the anger, the helplessness and the hopelessness.  It was a very intense and emotional read. As I’m sure it would be for anyone else.  The topic of human trafficking is a serious and sensitive one.  And I’ve not read a book with this focus ever before so I was a bit hesitant to read it. But I’m so glad I did.

Writing abuse is hard.  Reading about it is equally difficult. I must say MB has a way of writing that pushes you emotionally to that edge without going to far.  And that’s why I keep coming back for more from her.

The ending though you guys! I just can’t even!  (And that will be the first and last time you see me write that.)   I would absolutely recommend this to anyone. Whether they are believers or not.

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  1. I’m so intrigued by this story, but I have less faith than you, so I wasn’t sure if it would work for me. I will definitely put it on my wishlist though…

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